Ready for War Achievement

Trying to get flying in BFA and working on Ready for War. I got 4/8 completed but the rest I can’t start for some reason. Nathanos Blightcaller isn’t giving out any quests for some reason and I did almost everything else.

There are a few things that can trip you up.

First, if it’s the character you’re posting on, you’ll need to get to 60. Dragonflight increased the requirement for most of the War Campaign quests. (So, even if you started the War Campaign before Dragonflight, you’ll still need to level up to continue.)

In general, the current requirements for the end game part of the War Campaign (basically everything but the foolthold quests) are:

  1. Complete the 3 foothold quests. (The first character through the content will need to do the Island Expedition tutorial for the 3rd foothold quest to be available.)
  2. Get to 60.
  3. Pick up your Heart of Azeroth. There’s an Earthen Guardian NPC a bit outside the Boralus Inn or near the Zuldazar Harbor flightpoint with the quest “A Dying World.” Complete that and the two followups “The Heart of Azeroth” and “Infusing the Heart.” You don’t need to do any of the other quests there.
  4. Unlock World Quests by completing Uniting Zandalar/Uniting Kul Tiras.