REAAAALLY wish they'd make a simple change to our pets

Instead of BM’s two pets being the first slot in our pet Call Pet lineup and the first pet in the stable, it’d be great if it were just the first TWO slots in the Call Pet list.
That way we could change BOTH pets on the fly instead of having to run back to a stable or pay those outrageous prices for the engineering pet stable.
Its not a game breaker, but I like to run dual pets of the same thing, so if I want to change them, I have to go to the stable to change the off pet.


Too much room for abuse doing that.

How so? The 2nd pet is purely cosmetic.


A long, long time ago in a distant WoW…hunters had tons of monkeys. They would stun spam with monkey, abandon it, summon another monkey, repeat, devs were fast to nerf this. Since then anything of “trading pets out” has been severely limited.

I know the monkey story. I interpreted this as just making it so the animal companion could be freely swapped to match the main pet (instead of going to the stable master every single time), but no functional change to the primary Call Pet ability we have now. And animal companion pets don’t have a pet special, they only auto-attack and kill command.


Blizzard really isnt very good at fixing things, are they?
Just make a pet swap take longer or not allowed in combat or whatever it takes to keep players from swapping monkeys, lol.

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There was an orb with unlimited uses in legion that would configure Hati to look like the pet you had out. That would be the easiest solution to what you want.

You can actually still get the orb. Dunno if it still works.

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I’ll check that out. thanks :+1: