Re broken ques

imagine playing TBC for the pvp

I’m not commenting on the faction I’m commenting on the type of person and they are on both sides. It’s obviously just the horde dumb dumbs coming out of the woodworks now because there game is ‘broken’ now.

They should offer free Horde to Alliance transfers until queues are brought to a reasonable level. It would be pretty cool if they also offered a Scryer vs. Aldor BG.


Then aldor would have the same problem as horde… but I like the idea.

I don’t blame them an hour long que is broken. No game should ever have that. Same with Faction imbalance. They should have had locks.

Sorry but if any games has a 1 hour que then I won’t play it. That’s not just a wow thing.

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Because it is apparent some people can’t read.

No thanks, I want to get my marks now so I don’t have to later immediately /AFK out of 5 HvH games in a row since I don’t want to play those and there is no opt-out.

Yes, it will be added back almost definitely because who cares about things like faction balance in a Classic game. It’s more important to design the game around people who actually want an FPS with 30 mins a day to play. Right?

ALSO I just queued 3 and every queue is 40 minutes. Where are the hour queues?


Blizzard favoritism?

You are right they should have had locks. But that doesn’t change anything happening right now. You don’t use a bandaid to fix a severed leg. Fix the actual problem and don’t just throw a bandaid on it and hope everything works out ok. Bring on faction transfer horde to alliance and if the qs are STILL long then absolutely no one on horde has any right to complain

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As a proud member of the Alliance all I have to say to that is “yeah, me too.”

For real, whoever designed it to where the bank and AH are so far away needs to burn with Teldrassil.

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Except the game is actually unbalanced very heavily in favor of Horde - that’s why you have 1hr queues.

Blizz is actually doing nothing to rectify the imbalance.

Except the game is 54% horde and 46% alliance, the reason why horde queues are so long is because the alliance for the most part doesn’t want to pvp in the 1st place.

Nope same Faction bgs should have always been in game. I’ve said that for years due to how broken Bgs are. Premades should be capped at 3 to 5, bots need to be taken care of, afkers need to be dealt with. Arena match making needs an overhaul.

I’ve felt all of them have needed a fix long before wow classic was ever a thing.

Not official numbers. Those census numbers are from the people who run some addon.

And you’re another ignorant poster, horde or alliance, if you think this is healthy for the game. It’s not merc mode didn’t teach you people a single thing.

lmao that was literally the alliance on these forums the 4 days we got to play the game, what are you on about?

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Lol you people are seriously very simple aren’t you. Why do you keep thinking this is a faction issue? It’s an idiot issue.

An FYI as well - for each person who raises their voice about an issue there are at least a hundred more that are thinking the same. Not everyone complains.

and what could the reason for that be, hmm?

oh, maybe it’s because the horde have a (at least perceived) significant advantage in pvp