Re-adding old pre-patch event stories

Hello. With the upcoming new expansion, I know there will be a pre-patch event/story as usual. With this in mind, I thought of re-adding old expansion events and stories back into the game. I find weird how WoD and Legion stories stayed in the game (quest-chains) but others did not.

The Burning Crusade
• The Dark Portal - removed
Wrath of the Lich King
• Zombie Invasion - removed
• Twilight’s Cult & Elemental Invasion - removed
• Operation: Gnomeregan - removed
• Echo Isles & Zalazane´s Fall - removed
Mists of Pandaria
• Theramore’s Fall - available as scenario
Warlords of Draenor
• Iron Horde Incursion - available
• Broken Shore - available
Battle for Azeroth
• War of the Thorns - removed
• Death’s Rising - removed

I would also like to mention MoP 5.3 Battlefield Barrens event.

WoD intro is still in game and can be completed, however you dont get Feat of Strength achievement from finishing it and I think this is a good middle point for keeping the FoS special for people who did it in the current content, but still letting everyone play the story.

It would be nice to repeat all of these events and quest through them, because it’s sad how quests and stories get removed from the game.
Perhaps adding these events into the timewalking rotation could make timewalking even more interesting? Or add it as stand-alone events from time to time. Maybe make it as a part of Chromie time during leveling? There is many possibilities how to make it work :slight_smile:

Of course adding it back as WoD and Legion are now (accessible anytime) would be the best solution so anyone can go and quest when they want.

If you have any other or better ideas or if I forgot to mention some removed events with own story, feel free to write them here.


I like this idea! The content has already been made, and I think it would be mostly a number-tuning process at this point.

Also, I like the idea of giving those who completed it (when it originally came out) is a nice way of allow them some degree of officially saying, “I was here!”.

If these were made available in Time-Walking events, what do you think would be the best way to present this content? For example, do you think it could be a Flexible raid that varies from 10 to 30 players, or more like a scenario where you can queue with 3 others? I believe most of these events were outdoor, so just curious.

Also, what about the rewards? Should they offer the same rewards as they were back in the content they were introduced to the game, or maybe use the same model and modernize the appearance (smoother curvature of edges, less pixilation of color transitioning, etc)?

Also, Troves of the Thunder King would be neat to see come back.


Personally I think the best way to present this would be some interaction with Chromie, to take you back into the old world and present these events the same way as they were before.

If we talk about appearances, then I think they could just add back what they removed. Nearly noone will have any appearances from events prior Legion due to lack of appearance collection.


Yeah, that may be the simplest route. Combining that with your suggestion above of making it available during Time-Walking events would be a great way to funnel participation toward one activity – just so that each event has its own moment to shine.

Also, maybe a quest that rewards 100 Time-Walking Badges to complete event would be a good way of informing the playerbase that something new is available. There are many times where players come back to the game and have no idea something like this has been added to the game. In addition, 100 Time-Walking Badges would be roughly the equivalent of running a Time-Walking Dungeon (excluding the 500 Time-Walking Badge quest, of course).

As far as the gear is concerned, do you think it should be evergreen rewards of scaling ilvl (matching Time-Walking dungeon gear) that have the same transmog appearance, or do you think it should be more cosmetic based? There are pros and cons to both. If scaling ilvl gear, then this content would be another source of gearing alts, so it could be utilized more often. The risk is that it would directly compete with Time-Walking dungeons participation levels if not balanced well.

Conversely, if the rewards are cosmetic only in nature, then once the rewards have been acquired, the content will be abandoned by most. This might make it difficult for newcomers to participate. I know this is probably getting more into the weeds than you initially wanted to, but I think this is a good idea! I am just curious what you think would be the best way to present it.

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I’d like to see it come back just really how it was before with removed items (maybe it’s just me, because I like to collect every item :slight_smile: ).
If it’s added into timewalking then scaling ilvl of rewards would make sense because it would be interesting for more people than only for those who wants to play through it.
But as I said, there is many ways of how this could be added back into the game and for me the original version of events including all original things is the way.