Rdruid hots and regrowth suck

hi blizzard, idk if you tried playing a resto druid in arena where ret paladins are doing 80k dps, and the other teammate is doing 40-50k as well… but uhh my hots tick for 10k ? hello?

10k hot tick 200k justicars vengeance ok another 10k hot tick 80k mortal strike

cmannnn im forced to sit there spamming regrowths bc my hots dont do jack in this xpac… and my regrowths only do 17k most of the game and progressively getting lower with damp. buff rdruid mastery again so our hots are useful… right now all our hots are good for is keeping the other teams healer busy from boredom with purge spam bc no one has to heal except for us.


Your hots did insane healing prior to about 3 days ago.

nah, even then hots havent done much, TOL regrowth spam and lifebloom does 90% of our healing and its not enough. its a clown design. Outside of TOL you can’t heal damage.

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Regrowth is… underwhelming. The best advice I can give is use every button available to you (swarm, ward, NS-regro, bloomx2, rejuvx5, etc) before you start trying to rely on regrowth.

Regrowth flat out sucks. And Nourish somehow sucks more.

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You are the only rdruid I think this whole expac to complain about rdruid healing prior to 10.0.7.

Spec was wild broken.

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yeah so wild that no one playing it… lol, flop went MW, dinoe playing his hunter, lontar, cdew, minpojke haven’t touched rdruid since the first 2 weeks of the xpac. Who’s left? Nogard and a bunch of randoms… must be really good… did very well all AWC, oh wait that was disc priest and hpal. Every time Venruki, Supatease, or Flop plays theirs, they too say it is bad and tell themselves not to bother playing it bc its not fun with the way it is.

relying on TOL to keep anyone up spamming regrowth isn’t the way rdruid is meant to be played… our actual hots do no healing in comparison to the damage output, and regrowth on it’s own is actual garbage… the only healing we got is from SOTF NS regrowth, and praying to get NS back in time in order to heal anything.

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The spec might only be broken in like 2k+ bracket, maybe, where the match is so boringly scripted because nobody is actually trying to kill anyone outside of CDs and just lane poking people like pros do in LoL.

In lesser brackets where chaos ensues, it’s never been fun and it’s not as scripted because people act randomly and since they do they end up winning because when the game is scripted it’s easier, when it’s more random it’s more difficult.

You also have a lot more competent players able to do very good teamwork in higher brackets which is also why it gets better, whereas in lower brackets your teammates aren’t as good at peeling or anything.

Again, only broken in upper brackets and that’s still a big maybe.

I have seen Ret Paladins 2 shot players still, and it’s never fun as a healer when you get 2 shot or literally have to sit 99% of the game in bear form unable to do as much.

The reason mechanically that Druid HoTs are weak is due to the Mastery, which has exponential healing scaling if you stack HoTs as the class design dictates.

The entire reason Spring Blossom is good talent is not because it provides a weak HoT, it’s because it provides another stack of Mastery to your group/raid.

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Totally agreed I made two posts check em out.

ATM my evoker is the same Ilvl as my resto druid and my evoker Reversion HoT heals 6,126 a tick and my druid heals 2,525. We definitely can see a huge problem. Dream Breath healing 8,689? Like whos the resto druid here??


Mastery is garbage. I would rather have the resto shaman mastery. Now that would be a awesome resto druid mastery.


nah rdruid mastery got gutted in BFA… ive ran with 20% this season, made no difference compared to 7% and more haste/vers. ive tested all stats… 45% haste, 48% vers, 20% mastery… nothing really made a difference tbh, ive tried verdancy, spring blossom as well… decent but not how it should be. they should make our rejuvs actually do something… but 10.1 tier set will help, just not sure if it will be enough. rejuvs are junk as is rn, same with regrowth.

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Hi, I guess ill be another druid to complain about our healing.

When we were ‘strong’ at the start of the expac, we were one of the few healers that could barely keep up with the absurd damage (and nobody outside of diehard healer mains were queing heals). Post a series of nerf even before 10.0.7, we struggled.

Now, we just suck and its brutal.

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Im curious about what kind of play you were doing? I was only doing lower level mythic+ (maybe up to 10) and rarely had to spam regrowth. Lifebloom is a staple, and always has been for tank healing

I’m talking about PVP Arena.

Great advice… only after you waste six seconds doing that the enemy switches targets and pushes their second burst cd.

Which will take another six seconds to bring that person up to healthy again.

Meanwhile disc priests, Evoker, resto sham just unleash life-healing surge, echo-Spiritbloom, power word shield-penance/radiance.

All in less than 2 seconds healing the entire duration of a Druids 18 second HoT. As well as for 90% less of the mana cost that we expended.

God forbid there’s no dispel. Because we both know in their free time it’s free reign to CC and do dmg.

Whilst we if we do that either our teammate dies because HoTs took too long to roll out or we go oom for opting to CC and do dmg.

Yeah, I was happy to see us strong because every expansion we are literally trash at the start and then we get stronger towards the end.

They switched it on us!

We were strong early now we’re trash.

Which is another reason why our mastery is trash. It purely is making us gather extra talents for extra skills that are lack luster like cenarion ward, adaptive swarm, spring blossoms. Just for our mastery to do something.

Adding 2-3 seconds to a rotation that never needed or used to be this tedious.

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I’m really sad about the Druid nerfs. It felt so good for once. I was happy about it & then everything just fell apart. How do you even heal in this meta on rdruid when your hots heal nothing? I felt the same way & I had no idea if it was just me or not. MW feels 100% better than Druid right now & I guess that’s what I’m going to have to play. I can’t even play the class I want to play. They shoulda just left the tree alone & left the alone healing. It was a tipping edge if any nerfs came in. Living seed needs to make a return. The hots need buffed. Mastery needs to scale better. There is a lot of problems now.

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Resto Druid feels horrible after they changed the spec. My Resto feels like the worst healer in every single game now.

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At the least, the Resto Mastery adds some interactivity and decision making to the spec. Do you use a GCD to add a Rejuv on a target? Do you follow up with a Regrowth to amplify the Rejuv and/or Wild Growth on the target? etc.

It’s better than the Balance Mastery (don’t bother casting spells unless Sunfire and Moonfire is on the enemy) and Feral Mastery (does literally nothing for decision making)

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