RDF - Your Experience

H TOC needs to be removed from the regular H RFD, it hits wayy too hard.

People have this already in live. But oh well people HAVE to push live to classic. You got your wish. People think they know what they want but they really don’t.

I want RDF and I know I want it :laughing:

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So, exactly what it was like already before RDF with everyone just raid logging…


Nah, I’m not wrong. You’re in denial.

They nerfed alpha by 25%

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tried doing a beta-level TOC dungeon. With where the ilvl requirement is, Paletress is basically impossible. I need her to complete the meta, so I decided to give RDF a go.

went through 4 or 5 healers, most got one shot by the waking nightmare, dps was not any higher than 1k. It was bad enough with the old LFD system but people bring the bare minimum of effort could do it.

Only the dregs of society are left doing lower ilvl content, so beware

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Stuck at paused indefinitely for a full party of 5, so right now is not working at all.

Paletress DPS is always low on damage meters because it seems the nightmare just isnt calculated into it.

There shouldnt be pauses period. There was never any pauses before or ever that I know of. This seems like they had to build this system again for wrath classic and butchered it just showing their incompetence.

Amazing. If they had not catered to classic andrews we could have had this from the start



How can they screw this up? They make millions. This was implemented like two decades ago. How?

So far I did a Scarlet Monastery: Graveyard on my level 34 hunter. We cleared no issues, killed everything in the dungeon and I left the dungeon.

I requeue’d, and got Scarlet Monastery: Graveyard again but the instance was already cleared. We were all at the beginning. We ran do the end of the dungeon to see a dead boss. Everyone then left so I left too, only to be hit with a 15 minute timer before I could queue again.

My friend is having the same issue, but he specifically queue’d for Cathedral on his level 38, and got an empty Graveyard.

Bravo, Blizzard. Simply epic.

dead since 2006.

Called it!

Blizzard should’ve removed previous protocols and just given reg H better loot, an extra daily emblem and an end boss scourgestone. Run that until Gamma’s doable.


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pfft, you expect me to read patch notes!

But, also, Beta AN is still a PITA if the group is largely ‘at the item level requirement’.

I’d love to see how much of the community would black list AN and ToK if there was an option to exclude up to two dungeons from the RDF Roulette. :joy:

Can’t even get it to work.
Says paused.

Tried it as 5. As 4. As 3. And as 2. with guildies.

Something is wrong in the queue system. Even with a 5 man premade it was giving us “paused” and not popping tried 4 man, same issue. Had to queue specific dungeon to get it to work.

So something in it is broken. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

So far it’s been great. Ran two dungeons on my pally Blackrock and had great groups (lvl 56). Ran a gamma and go CoS and it was a guild group. We wiped a few times but no one got mad, finished the dungeon, got the achievement, turned in both dailies.

Queue times are queue times but it’s a LOT better than begging to get into a group or being on a side that’s dead and not being able to do dungeons, especially low levels.

When RDF first launched in 2009, it had issues with groups, matching, people looting on stuff they shouldn’t, or just general rage. The issues that some are having with RDF will iron out. It’s day one and with every big addition to this game there’s always been bumps.

I personally am thrilled with RDF and the host of other QoL changes. I haven’t been this excited for Wrath Classic for over a year.

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