RDF threads =

And we both know that is a lie! Its to sell boosts and to get people back into (woktail) where they can milk you. Whatever dragonflight is, its not WoW thats for sure.

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Then why is there no RDF? as every successful Wrath Pserver has had it with zero issues, obligatory “Warmane took it away and the players got upset” reference. Blizz should have just said they didn’t wanna code it or recode it instead of scapegoating the player base or consistently dangling a “maybe” response whenever asked.


Why is it that pro RDF threads tend to resort to name-calling?

I’m not particularly for or against, but it seems clear that the game is doing fine without RDF (which it wouldn’t have at this timeline anyway). Looking at https://ironforge.pro/population/classic/overall/ overall demographics for raid logs since the launch of WoW Classic, it appears that there are roughly double the numbers now than there were for WoW Classic and TBC Classic (which were both fairly consistent with each other).

While we could certainly make up some narratives to read the data we have confirm our own biases, Wrath Classic seems to be popular.

There has already been a blue post confirming that Blizzard aimed to settle the topic prior to launch.

So, it’s not as if they’ve left us hanging and wondering if maybe it’s coming…

Most wrath pservers have RDF


Threads like this = pointless.

I’m assuming you’re talking about the fun police comment. If you don’t relate to “fun police” you probably have only played for a short time. It’s been the case from as early as I remember in this game where if you dont play to their narrative they nerf it. It’s their prerogative to do this, but expecting us to like it isn’t realistic.

You are ignoring the alternative in your fact quoting below this. Ofc the population is ok. The alternative is retail? Dragonflop isn’t this demographics cup of tea.

Because they are scared to piss off the 5% against RDF. We all know it’s easier to add something than it is to take it away. Thus their stance.

The tool is absolute Garbo. Is it barely functional? yes. But it’s a substitute for something (RDF) that was already in the game.

The bulletin addon was proof the community wanted it.

My favorite rebuttals to anti RDF Andy’s is

Don’t use the in game intern made tool if you’re against RDF, wouldn’t want the tool to get in the way of your social. Also, walk to the dungeon don’t fly, wouldn’t wanna interrupt your immedsion. And don’t PvP because they literally have LFD right now. They don’t form their own groups it’s automated. You don’t travel to your bg. It teleports you. Comical how that’s somehow ok, but godforbid LFG gets added for PVE. “But they’re different”. “SURRRRRRRRRRRREEEEE it is.


game has flying hackers / bots / gold selling and buying on daily bases, and you wish for blizzard to care about forums or random dungeon finder? xD

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They’re not xrealm.

I’ve been playing since Beta, but that’s not important. Trying to tell a story, paint a picture, or otherwise show the person’s character or experience in a negative light is avoiding the topic. That’s what I was referring to, and that’s what seems to be consistent with a lot of the pro RDF threads.

Another thing seems to suggest that the pro RDF folks are hoping to continuously level alts through Dungeon Spamming, which I did on 4 characters for WoW Classic, and then 1 more (from level 1) for TBC Classic as well as 3 from 60-70. Actually, forming Dungeon Leveling guilds was a great way to create community, in my experience.

As far as “fun police,” I’m familiar with the “fun detected” meme, but keep in mind that even though I’ve been playing WoW since beta, I only started frequenting the forums after the launch of WoW Classic.

This is also the same type of narrative that pro RDFers seem to proliferate. It seems reasonable that people who don’t want or don’t care about RDF would not post on the forums to complain about it (since there’s nothing to complain about. We don’t have it). However, there are still a lot of people posting against RDF.

The truth is, we don’t know what % is for or against or does not care. Pretending otherwise is just proliferating falsities.

There’s no real debate though. We have RDF in Retail. We don’t have it in Classic. The developers have stated quite clearly,

And we have had ample time to plan accordingly. The game is doing quite well, population-wise…

Of course, there is no new conversation within this topic. Everything for and against has already been discussed and at this point it simply comes down to:

Pro: “I want RDF”
Anti: “I want no RDF.”
Neutral: “I don’t care.”

And here we are. :woman_shrugging:

Blizzard: “The topic is settled.”


Considering that you have trolls spam bumping month old threads to make it look like everyone wants RDF…

Blizzard should probably ignore you.

The thing is Blizzard already made their decision and honestly the spam posts should be an auto disqualification from RDF ever happening.

Pro RDF trolls wizzed on the carpet and Blizzard needs to rub your noses in it. Maybe next time you’ll be better people.

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The issue that I have with them looking into server based solutions is because this varies of the servers population and also varies on the activity on those said servers.

Sure there are servers that have a active leveling scenes for all levels but not all servers have this and it varies on what faction you are playing and is it outnumbered or not?

I dont know any of the Server based solutions, unless if Blizzard has some solutions than maybe I will change my mind but I find it hard to find one that might work, hence why I see a cross realm LFG working possibly or RDF albeit a limited form? like capped out at 70 or it prioritizing your server only up to certain threshold if cant find someone in a reasonable time and would ask you if you want to expand to cross realm to fill that one last person.

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Its nice to see the forums cleaned up for once. You all talk about personal freedom yet have no regard for how your own free actions encroach upon the rights of others,

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You projecting now

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I have no say in any of this. But we went from a front page flooded with RDF threads to a normal diversity of topics. Just with a simple vacation.

I hope Blizzard is paying attention to unique posts/threads vs those made by the same person on multiple licenses and bnets.


its normal to have several RFD threads and normal posts that one guy necroed them.

You’ve just convinced me to go reinstate my Twitter account. Thank you.

How? Let me guess, so you can vet your groups and not invite any leather wearers? You can still do that even with RDF in the game.


you mean your right to scroll on by a post you dont like?

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