RDF or no RDF - Same outcome, who cares?

Oh so there’s no difference, so you don’t really need it.

Wait, you’re still asking for it? Why?


Indeed it works as intended, sounds like -you- however are not using it as intended, as you plainly admit, and so sounds like more of a personal issue and not an issue that needs to be “resolved” by RDF


What I don’t understand is why Blizzard is so passionately opposed to letting players level alts “without leaving stormwind omg!!

Especially since the way Blizzard WANTS players to level is… eighty straight levels of solo-questing. With no Joyous Journeys.

How is that better than dungeoning from capital cities? Isn’t this a multi player game? Why is Blizzard so dead set against letting players more easily group and run content together?


I’m just glad to know that blizzard confirmed no RDF and that it isn’t up for discussion.

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when was this? would like to see where they confirmed it, as of 2 weeks ago in a pc gamer interview and an online streamer interviews with several of the usual suspects… they were further from never and rdf was back in the discussion.

Wrath Classic Feedback and Decisions - WoW Classic / Wrath of the Lich King Classic Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

LFG Tools

We continue to iterate on the bulletin-board style Looking for Group tool, and we do not have plans to add the Random Dungeon Finder.

For players, this has probably been the hottest topic of discussion since our announcement, and we welcome all the continuing feedback on how to improve the tool and make it better. I know this will be disappointing news for some, but we want to settle this topic before launch so everyone knows what to expect and can plan accordingly.


look at the date, that was aug 8th it was posted, 2 months ago. their statements have changed since then… at least in the interviews.

Their stance has not changed, and it has been posted twice now by a blue that RDF is not up for discussion. :slight_smile:


Northrend normals are all past content now. Heroics pretty there too.

i like this approach better. its refreshing.

Yes. I would do RDF really for this reason.

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Their stance is also open feedback and will continue to listen to players on both sides. being “not up for discussion” is against what they supposedly stand for in their pillars.

EDIT: its also in that same forum post just to make note:

:slight_smile: Sorry no RDF. Good thing the LFG tool works better! Happy raid clearing!

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im just saying that there is always going to be an open line of feedback. I’m happy that RDF isn’t in the game at this moment. But sure if you want to assume that I’m for it that’s okay too :slight_smile:

I left grobbulus to go to old blanchy. Not only is old blanchy a smaller server, it also favors alliance.
I’m horde.


For level 70-80? Maybe if I am lucky or a tank/heal since not a lot of people use the tool on my server as for level 15-58 you could be in queue for 24 hours you won’t get invite as for 58-68 right now you’ll be lucky if you get invite after few hours.

Yep 100% but soon we’ll need 70-80 too, give it few months and nobody will be running heroics as for normal dungeon there will be nobody similar TBC zones right now.

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There was no personal issue in there though? My whole point in the part that you quoted was that if you want RDF, you can use it as a decent replacement. If you want to manually build groups and communicate, you can also do that.

I respect your position, but I think you misinterpreted what I said.

This was a great discussion, but I think it can go further.

RDF people are destroying the social fabric of the game. that is what some say.

You’re just here to try and fuel the fire on a post that’s already dead.

Hush you

This is bad gameplay.

This is an MMORPG not CoD if you want instant gratification and quick matches try retail or a FPS game.

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Nah what destroyed it is social media evolving and getting more advance and better overall, back in 2004-2008 there wasn’t a lot of way for people to truly interact with other online at the same level as MMORPG like WoW did and they could do it while playing a game, it was a “New” thing.

Now people uses sites like Twitter, Twitch, Youtube and so on to “Socialize” or use Discord and so on, people no longer want to speak with random people in random pug they have guilds or IRL friends for that.

Making “friends” in random pugs isn’t truly a common thing by what I experienced at all however making friends after joining a guild make more sense to me since you gonna see the same people speak in guild chat all the time and etc so in a way this LFG tool isn’t better than RDF to socialize or make friends.