Same here. When I read RDF was finally, and sensibly, added to WotLK Classic I resubbed instantly. Not being able to queue for dungeons for which I have quests makes the experience frustrating enough that I’ll just leave again. I’m loving Wrath Classic but the love is going to run out while I’m leveling if I cannot accomplish the goals I was able to accomplish when I subscribed to Wrath originally.

I don’t know why this company feels the need to be so weird about this feature. They’ve mucked up retail so bad that people, like us, are playing a 15 year old version of the game instead. But even that consolation doesn’t seem to resonate with Blizzard. Just like they’ve driven away millions of players from retail with their obstinate ways, they try the same thing here in Classic by not including a critical feature.


You got me there! well done!

Except… that I live in Australia, different time zone…



True. Server checks out. Arugal.

What dungeons are missing?
I saw a comment on another thread saying that 68 can only queue for UK (which is accurate) and 69 sees both Nexus and UK.

But what other dungeons are with bricked lvl brackets?

my 69 certainly doesn’t have access to Nexus, but this appears to be intended with a new hotfix:

Yeh looks like they applied a hot fix in the right direction. Green dungeons are now shown.

Relax more. Don’t get angry over little things.

I agree it’s in the right direction.

While it is an improvement…I have a new complaint… Getting put in these groups with a wide spread of levels seems to be hurting my xp gain sometimes. When I’m playing a tank or a healer, I’d rather wait to find a group that’s closer in level than what I’ve been getting today.

Did a SFK with people who were 7 levels higher than me and the xp gain wasn’t great. Happy to actually have a chance to SFK though.

Sometimes I had a half hour+ queue as a low level healer before. I’d rather have a fast queue into a green dungeon than that.

Even now they were sometimes 10+ minutes since there aren’t a ton of tanks in every level range.

Average wait time tonight says 3m though, which is a lot better than what it was yesterday.

If they’re applying that classic penalty after 5 levels or whatever they should change it though.

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You’ll be missed random person on the forums with only 4 posts parroting the other few people making threads on the same topic.

We’ll see you next time on another toon with no posting history probably claiming you’re unsubbing there too.

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What exactly is broken about it? Seems like its fixed to me. You posted a link to reddit a known nerd hangout of trolls and incels. They didn’t clarify anything to indicate it was broken it was just a post stating its broken and a litany of incels crying about it. What is not working?

It was fixed in the last 24 hours…It’s pretty good now… But I’d prefer a smaller spread of levels for the groups personally.

I will also miss him. He has touched the hearts of many with his contributions throughout the years such as

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I was wondering if Zachaios had seen this thread before. Luckily he has seen this thread before. Thanks for your trademark message “i’ve seen this thread before”, please continue to keep us posted in every single future thread (I’m sure you will)

I’m glad you’re part of my fanbase. I’ll be sure to keep you up to date as I know you’re a subscriber to my responses on the forums.

Stay tuned for more content. You’re welcome.

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From a hotfix made after this post was posted.

And holy hell what a tangent you went on with your reddit hate.

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They fixed part of the problem, but there’s still more work to do. First of all, if a group of 5 queues for a random dungeon you still have to wait 2-5 minutes for the dungeon to pop. There’s no reason for this when every role has been selected.

Secondly, satchel loot rng is beyond unhelpful. I levelled through an entire satchel gearing bracket without ever getting the caster rolls I wanted from a satchel. Its ridiculous that I can get 11 rolls “of the soldier” in a row on a caster without ever seeing a single “of the sorcerer” piece. There should be some sort of weight given to stats that the class can actually use.

Pretty sure there was in the original version, it just didn’t care about your spec so hybrids could get in this sort of situation.

Pure casters should definitely not be pulling “of the soldier”.

We found a strange scenario around level 29. We’d queue as a group of 5, but the RDF tool would display us as 4/5(1 dps missing) and wouldn’t insta pop. After some discussion, 1 play confessed that they were XP locked. We suspected this was the problem. They dropped and we were able to insta pop with 4 players. I can’t be 100% sure that was the problem, but it could have been.

To be fair, it was NEVER broken. They just improved it with the patch. Thanks for playing.

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