"RDF is NEVER coming out for WOTLK Classic" - Blizzard 2022

Apples to oranges comparison

Nah, I think if PVE folks have to suffer, then all the PVPers on the mega one faction servers should have to suffer as well. They need to remove Cross-Realm BGs from the game, it erodes the social fabric of the game.


What’s the difference between blizzard and Naruto?

Naruto never goes back on his word. :joy:


The irony is that people like OP, scream and cry about “tHe VoCaL mInOrItY!” But all of these posts about RDF being bad are by the same morons.


Weird how the anti RDF people aren’t hot people


If that’s the case, then Blizzard also agrees that the LFG tool should be removed and RDF put in for Wrath like it should be.

You know, because my post saying as much got flagged as “trolling” and yet was restored pretty quickly.

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What I don’t get is WHY some people want to run to the same instance 100+ times each.

What do you actually gain from flying to the entrance vs RDF?



You get to be background dressing for the eternally questing folk. Because otherwise, they’d feel lonely. They don’t know how to use discord.


Actually, the original developers said it was broken. RDF was supposed to be ready on launch, the tech wasn’t ready. The more you know…besides this is a 3.3.5 rule set, RDF was in. Go troll somewhere else.


Blizzard also said they would never make Classic WoW.


They thought about classic and changed their mind and added it because there was good reasons for it.

They thought about adding RDF and decided against it because it would cause more harm than good.

That is not a blizzard quote. Then again your not an actual poster your just a troll, enjoy the report.


Sorry but the social feel of the game was ruined as soon as they allowed mega servers.

By trying to mediate the situation they also successfully ruined the social feel of multiple servers by allowing thousands of players to freely migrate to them.

The social aspect of this game is long dead.


It’s called paraphrasing for brevity and it’s very common in the writing world.

Known troll.

Reported for Trolling.

Muted thread.

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Not sure the reasons for your toxicity beyond you being upset about Blizz not adding a feature you want.

You literally purposely made it look like you were directly quoting them, you were not paraphrasing, you just are saying you were for being called out for directly misquoting them.

I’m surprised your even still allowed to post on the forums with the amount of spam and trolling you do.

But muting thread, and honestly at this point, muting you.

Should have done so a long time ago. You’re a known active troll and I’m still amazing you haven’t been perma’d off the forums at this point.


No, they’re removing. That’s different than “not adding”. It was in the game, now it’s not.


Citation please.

Citation please.


u sooo funny :clown_face: