Rbg lfg broken, can't play rbgs

The Rated Battleground LFG is not working. After multiple days of trying to form since Pre Patch, we are able to hit “Start a Group” but cannot see any teams forming. The only way to play an RBG and queue up is to form strictly off of Btags. This is for obvious reason very hard to do right now.

I personally have already seen multiple people unsubscribe because all they want to do in the game is play Rated battlegrounds and they cannot really do that right now so they unsubbed. Rated battlegrounds have been neglected all expansion and this could be the fatal blow. The RBG community is already hurting, please fix this and let people who want to play this type of game mode, play this type of game mode.

Hopefully it’s just a bug,


It is Bs man i’ve been trying to find the solution as well. If you find a fix please let me know

Having the same issue, any fix in the near future?

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I’m receiving a lua error every time I attempt to search for or form RBG groups using the premade group finder. All of my addons are turned off as well.

Yes. We’ve found the bug here, and a fix is on the way.


Is this the same bug causing issues with queuing for the Headless Horseman event?

Where some people get within 2 minutes and others sit there for an hour even if they queue at the same time?


No it sounds different. For the particular bug this post was created for (no longer an issue it’s being worked on) we are not able to see any people or groups in the premade group finder for rated battlegrounds, unless a btag is forming. So if you hit find a group you cannot see any, and if you hit start a group no one can see you. Meaning no one can form, except for the VERY FEW players well connected enough to queue up with 10 players all off of their friends list.

Blizzard (Kaivax and Holinka) have swiftly responded by the sounds of it taken action and are working on a fix! Thank you everyone who is helping get this issue resolved! <3

a blue post in the pvp forums!?

Mark the Calendars!
Print it out!!!



We had two blue posts in a year, a new record.

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Fix went out yesterday! Thanks so much for the quick action taken! Seriously, people are super thankful and happy to have it back up and running and be able to play! :heart: :smile:

PS - I know this may be pushing the luck a little bit but you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take - is there any chance the RBG community can get like 20-40 Beta keys so that Rated Battlegrounds can be tested ahead of time (before release of Shadowlands) to avoid bugs/gameplay issues that loomed large for us in BFA? Would love to be able to provide feedback that Blizzard can use to stomp these things out ahead of time or make positive changes!

It would seem the issue is back

yeah it feels like it - that or the rbg community has 0 teams queueing now but I have a feeling you are right this seems wayyyy to dead 0 teams during primetime there is no way