RBG Ladder Deflated atm

To be in the top 1000 players you only need to be 1700 right now. 1800 is top 500.

My team who pushed to 2k last season is stuck around 1690

We get queued against a normal team win, get higher mmr, then face Hero teams rinse and repeat. It feels awful.

If you look at all of the rated pvp leaderboards you will see a similar story.
18 people on the 3v3 leaderboard are 2400, 1 person in 2v2 and 20 people in solo shuffle.

If you cannot keep rating consistent between seasons, can we go back to %based titles and rewards so the difficulty of reaching goals stays the same season to season.

Skillcapped made a video talking about the MMR system in wow if you are not familiar with it.


I’d surmise the issue is the same one that has plagued RBG’s post Cataclysm, and that’s lack of players. Blizzard continues to ignore this portion of the game, and most PvP outside of 3v3 Arena, and as a result, this is what happens.

Add to that, getting into the RBG community is by far the most troublesome of any portion of this entire game.

I think it sucks. I have found it to be some of the most fun this game has offer too.


Dead bracket, dead game mode.


I think it’s not just a lack of players, blizz has set a cap on MMR If you look at all of the brackets hardly anyone is 2400. 3v3 has 18, 2v2 has 1, solo queue has 20.


I’m new to the rbg community, why is it so troublesome if I might ask?

I know in the early days of RBGs people would DDoS eachother to try to get easy wins.

Also people dodge queues at the top end of the leaderboard. You’ll see people with like 90% winrates. They avoid other good players and only queue against lower teams


There’s a few posts about it on the Arena forums as well.

It’s causing a bit of a hit to the morale, both Arena and RBG players.

Players want to progress, and being hit with more points in a loss vs win within the same MMR bracket creates a lot of frustration resulting in toxic behaviour.


Fortunately, for both the players (and Blizzard) Diablo 4 is just around the corner. :wink:


Firstly, knowing someone who actively is within the RBG community makes it easier to enter, if not, its a very steep uphill battle.

Meta comps, and a large percentage of players who will not look outside that which narrows the player pool.

Missing achievements? Most people will not consider you on their team which narrows the player pool.

Build your own team? A reasonable solution, however, my first two points make that difficult. Not impossible, just very difficult. Add to that, you can spend HOURS (actual hours) trying to put a team together, and never even play a game or have it fall apart after a single game/loss. This sort of commitment to something we do for fun, and then achieve nothing or even have a chance to achieve anything, narrows the player pool even further. You will have an easier time getting on a Mythic raid team, then build or jump into RBG’s - generally speaking.

Then, as the OP mentioned, finally playing only to run into a dead-end that shouldn’t exist because the system lacks design, and reason. Not to mention it’s missing an attentive developer to try and make it so players want to join it, adjust it, and actively work within its community to make a it a better place.

I get this is just my perspective, but after playing this game for near 19 years, and it still stands as the hardest part I’ve ever tried to get into outside of Cata’s launch.


Basically, you either spend hours to build a team with a good composition or spend thirty minutes building a team that has weaknesses in it’s composition (no rogues, no base sitter classes, etc) and roll the dice on getting favorable maps.

And, even if you spend hours on a good composition (with no guarantee of ever being able to actually achieve it), if you are pulling people from LFG you really never know what you are going to get.

Then, if you do actually get some good players via LFG and win two or three matches in a row you get placed against a higher MMR or boosting team with players who know and play regularly with other, lose, and then fall apart. :wink:

this is true… I joined a yolo no-voice last night within 1200 mmr bracket and was hella chaotic and fun. Couple wins later and we’re suddenly in the 1600 bracket.

And all of it is a damn shame because RBGs are super fun… when it all works out.


Yep I enjoy the objective based gameplay instead of the “just kill someone 4Head” gameplay of arenas

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I used to have a ton of fun in rated BGs, sucks they’ve suffered from so many issues for a long time.

Yeah, I lost interest after cheating became rampant.

Players were literally DDoSing each other to win games.

RBGs became associated with the most degenerate behavior you’d ever see in any video game.

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Do you even play, or do you just sit on the forums and parrot other people’s comments?


Ya, this lol. I remember seeing videos of it all over in WOD. Pretty sure most people know who the usual suspects were in regards to that.

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No one participating in rated PvP? Surely this couldn’t possibly be the result of higher rated players gatekeeping the system by turning it into their own little social club. Now they have no one to play with. Shocker.


They need to add a solo RBG queue option and you will see a 10,000% increase in people playing RBG’s. Give a 4ilvl higher reward to not completely kill organized RBG’s and you have a win win, as RBG people will play both, and people not currently playing RBG’s will queue solo. Even tho I hit 1850 last season playing super casually with pugs and had a 60% win rate, I stopped playing RBG’s as it became too much of a hassle finding a team. Doubt i’ll return until improvements are made


Post Legion S3*

No, they haven’t.

Limited players is the primary reason. Thereafter it’s just politics.

Crazy isn’t it?
I called this before Solo Shuffle was implemented.
Now the PvP population which was already a grossly minute minority is even more divided.

Paired with WOTLK Classic Season 6 having just ended; that’s where people have been.

Based off of the conversation in this thread, the latter is best.

There’s no point limiting your experience to get a meta comp.
Comp is only going to matter for quite literally the top.

Spend time networking and ignore the composition you get.
If you spend the hours getting your meta just to lose or not even grow your social circle for the bracket you’re in, whats the point?

It cannot be argued that inviting the first 10 over team comp is bad.

Goes for the same of filling a M+ group, a raid group and/or your local recreational sports team
This isn’t an isolated issue.
It’s called socialising.

There’s one RMT boost team who don’t even play all that often.
On top of that, with MMR being so deflated and a lack of players; there’s nobody boosting this early in the season.

Queuing into a higher rated team who is way better than you?
That’s part of competition.
A fix? Remove the ability to see the enemy MMR before the end of the game just like Arena.

Not disagreeing; but this is harped on by people I can almost guarantee haven’t experienced being DDoSed nor would if they were playing.

People attack others they know 99% of the time.

Which had, and still does have 0 affect on Oqueue (back in the day) and LFG.

You’ll see the complete opposite, like you are now with Rated Arena and Solo Shuffle.

This one of many issues I called before Solo Shuffle was implemented is quite literally in front of you on the ladders and any API service you want to use to see player activity.

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