Razer Naga, now what?

So, I’m using an old, first series Razer Naga mmo mouse… and I’m feeling it may finally be time to go with something new.

Any suggestions? I like a bunch of side buttons, buttons generally… gimme da buttons.

give the Logitech G600 a try?


hmmm looks cool, thanks

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only $39 on amazon right now

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Yup, i use the G600 and love it- the third clicker is a game changer, you can bind it to a modifier for easy access (binded mine to shift)

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I’m a big fan of the Corsair Scimitar.

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Wish it wasn’t banana colored

They have it in black

Seconded, though note that the G600 will eventually start to double-click in like a year or three. Though fortunately they’re super cheap and replaceable.

I am using the Logitech G502.

Too used to the thumb shelf. The G502 has enough buttons for most universal abilities (speed, interrupt, defensive).

Naga Trinity.

You have the option of swapping out the side plate so you don’t have to just have the 12-button panel.

Alternative would be a Corsair Scimitar.

I’ve used nagas, logitechs, and corsair.

Corsair is my favorite.