Razer Mac Question

So I am currently using an M1 mac Studio to play WoW. I also use a gamepad - Razer Tartarus Pro and a Razer Mouse and am using Steer Mouse to make those two pieces of hardware work with my computer. For the most part they work great but I am having one issue that I hope someone here knows how to fix. When I am holding down the forward button and then hit another button it stops my forward progress and I have to release than reclick my forward button to continue moving. I am hoping this is just a settings issue that can be fixed in Steermouse but having messed around with it can not fix the issue.

I don’t know how to address your specific issue. However, I do recommend Karabiner as an alternative input device driver. I’ve been using for years without any issues.

weird I never had this happen at all

It happens on USB Overdrive as well. It has to do with how drivers interpret events and how WoW handles them itself. It may also have to do with having both devices controlled by the same driver, as that was also the case with me with USB OD controlling both my dual shock 2 and G9x mouse since Logitech never supported that mouse in macOS.

An additional potential issue is ghosting. While N-key rollover has been a thing for several years on the keyboard front, it isn’t the same with mice, especially with third party drivers like SM/USB OD. You see, these drivers treat those devices like keyboards for remapped buttons and as such, if you go above three simultaneous inputs, it’s possible that you’ll end up with the first one (usually the forward key you mention since that’s your movement key) being the first to “fall off” due to lack of rollover. This has always been the bane of devices like the Tartarus series, even going as far back as the Nostromo N52/TE. Any “game controller” type device that essentially emulates a keyboard almost certainly lacks the true keyboard rollover functionality.

It’s something you’ll need to get used to.

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