Ravenholdt Reputation

Hello, I was wondering if there’s a way for me to obtain Ravenholdt reputation without having the Syndicate show up in my reputation tab? I want to get my Ravenholdt reputation out of unfriendly and back to neutral without having my character encounter the Syndicate for them to show up in my reputation tab.

Thank you.

A rogue maybe could do it if they stick to pickpocketing emblems, it looks like that repeatable quest doesn’t affect your Syndicate reputation (according to Wowhead) as long as you can manage not to kill any Syndicate members along the way. I don’t think it’s possible for non-rogues; they can only get Ravenholdt rep by killing Syndicate or turning in junkboxes, and those both lower Syndicate reputation.

OTOH, it looks like maybe this repeatable quest is no longer available.

One other option for rogues: some of the quests in the legendary dagger quest chain award Ravenholdt rep. Starts with Proving Your Worth: