Ravenholdt players : Realm transfers to DD Today, 2 p.m EDT

Tomorrow, Thursday, September 19 at 11:00 a.m. PDT (2:00 p.m. EDT)

They’re enabling transfers to DD again for the people interested.

The community feels a lot like the old Ravenholdt servers while Grob is more like Emerald Dream


Would you be so kind to point me to the right direction of this source? Thank you good sir.

Of course!

We’ll see ya’ll soon when you make a thread in 6 months bemoaning your decision to transfer to a dead, backwater server.


yeah I’m certain the only eastern rppvp realm will die

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It absolutely will. It’s already on life support.


See ya in a bit when you complain about your realm still having to use layers

I’ll take a vibrant, healthy pop with layers over a dead ghost town any day.


Just moved to deviate for Rp reasons, love it ! Server is already more filled then standard classic server , also RPers tend to hang around a lot longer then pvpbros do , so no one knows the future , but add in that once layering is removed… grobb will probably need a server split just like Ed did back in the day. But in all honesty have fun today , choose the server that will best support the wow experience you want , while all servers are created equal they come in very different flavors, grobb is a good server, but it still has an Rp flag , but it is not Rp server , If you want RP pvp , right now it’s only deviate delight


Why do you feel the need to post on our forums? If your server is lively as you claim, there would be no need to request people to transfer.
I wish this constant begging and posting from deviate vagabonds could be reportable.


Layers already have set time to go away.

DD does not need any more Alliance transfers from Grobbulus. If you’re Horde and you want to transfer, we still need Horde, but if you’re Alliance, go to Anathema or Arcanite Reaper instead, or reroll Horde on DD.

no one here cares what you do or do not need


People who are considering transferring probably care; there are a variety of advantages to being on the less populated faction.

If people want to take your advice to stay here, that’s fine too.

Stop posting this crap on Grobb’s forums. You’re bailing. Leave. We’ll see you in a month.

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What’s wrong with letting the server know that the realm transfers are going to be up? Some people would probably like to know

Because this server doesn’t care. No one of note will transfer. A few tourists and that’s it.

I don’t understand why you are so hostile? Just ignore my thread if you don’t want to see it…

Do you feel threatened by the growth of our server?


lol your server isn’t growing. It’s already dead in the water. Just go there and leave us alone.

I’ve been playing wow since classic , still play retail, I enjoy Rp and immersion , and finding a server that’s a good fit is different for everyone. My experience is that being on the server best for your play style greater enhances the wow experience. Grobb is a great server that lends to a certain play style. DD is a great server that lends itself to RP , so people who enjoy RP and that kind of play style should just be aware a home awaits for them. The grobb mob as so many have said will be happy to be “rid of us” we hear you , and we’re helping keep a light on for those RPers lost in the non Rp grob wilderness