Ravenholdt is dead

Not sure if this will be seen by anyone important but lets do this. As much as I would prefer to get at least 1 free transfer for any of my 9 110's onto a different realm, I know that isn't likely to happen. When someone asks about that, they are usually told something like "No, it'll make the realm more dead." and then we have to hope that people will be more willing to hop on to the dead realm in question.

Normally a dead server on its own isn't too much of an issue due to the fact that you can group outside of your realm and do dungeons/Bgs/etc. outside of your realm.

This server is an RP realm now, not RpPvP anymore. I can't RP in a dead realm. Cross-realm doesn't help this at all. I'm not even sure what the best solution would be for this but Ravenholdt needs help.

Offer free transfers to Ravenholdt if you won't let us out of here without paying, in my case, hundreds of dollars to take our characters out. Give some incentive for people to join Ravenholdt. People like me, who can't afford to take our characters elsewhere, are being shoehorned into a dead realm by bad luck.

New people aren't likely to join a low pop realm and more veteran players are less likely to farm to 110 again or fork out money to get their characters to a RP server with no RP.

Think of this as preparation, really high population realms are going to be inaccessible for a lot of people for a while once BfA drops.
Server has been dead for years now. Sad to see what it has become since its glory days in wrath. All the RH greats have either quit or transferred out.
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I don't know why they don't do anything about it. The people who like small servers enjoy it probably but everyone else is kind of getting screwed over.
yeah id really like to transfer to a high pop realm. even when im CRZ'd in the cities there are maybe a dozen folks. it's rough outchea
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10/22/2018 07:27 AMPosted by Trillwave
yeah id really like to transfer to a high pop realm. even when im CRZ'd in the cities there are maybe a dozen folks. it's rough outchea

Stormwind and Orgrimmar are not CRZ. Boralus, yes, but I'm surprised if it's low pop for you there.
I'm a new player, and I didn't quite realize how low a low populated server was. I was hoping to avoid chat spam and the like, but instead I've leveled to 64 and met 3 other players so far.

By low population I didn't mean single player, Blizzard. Would be nice with either merging to get more players, or a transfer to somewhere were I can actually experience dungeons with people properly at least. No way I'm paying even more to fix the game for myself.

In Memory of Ravenholdt!

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Why don’t you just re-roll a new character? Duh.

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Can’t we just Necro Ravenholdt?

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There are plenty of low population realms with x-realm, phasing and opt in pvp. Only the handful of people who still play here make Ravenholdt unique and we are stirred in with whatever phased in raid wants an easy realm to invade.

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Sadly it’s difficult to justify staying at a dead server for a good guild when realm first means nothing any more.

Many players, especially newer players, enjoy the more solitary atmosphere, the single-player questing progression that the realms wide open spaces (low pop) facilitates. Just FEELS more snug imo. I like.

Also you didnt explain why realm first means nothing anymore (I think what realm first means is up to the individual though, right?) so I just replied to the “Dead” server part.

Or… did you mean the low population (less competition) makes the race less valueable?
That seemed too easy though so I figured you might mean something else. idk.

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Considers transferring Horde/Alliance toons from Ravehold to possible WrA/MG.
Checks Ravenholdt forum to see if it’s actually dead
Very two first threads say it is.

Well, it lasted for a while. I remember making this toon in like Catacylsm and it was a fun server, small but I enjoyed the pvp aspect, helpful guilds, fun people. When it got merged, Ravenholt was different.

And now it’s 2019, I used to like the solo stuff, so I kept toons on almost dead servers, because well it was nice. But I actually like seeing people chat in LFG and active guilds while questing, because it made it less boring, especially when a NPC is walking slowly in an escort or decides to talk for like 5 minutes.

Might transfer my Nelf Druid to Moonguard, and my Belf Paladin to WrA. Dunno what I will do about this DK, I like the realm, and she feels like she belongs here. I will either transfer her or just keep her.

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I never leave ol’ Ravenholdt! Besides, I have seen so many old world elites and I never played Classic WoW before.

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Sniff. Everybody’s leaving, now it’s just me and Gamon in Orgrimmar.

I don’t believe I’ve actually played on Ravenholdt since BC. It seemed to be dying at the end of that expansion. I had a lot of fun on this server when it first became available, and met some interesting people.

was thinking of starting to play again but ravenholdt is dead eh?


Some of us still play. I have characters on RH, and sometimes I get the itch to run around on them. Like today. On the Happy Warlock, chasing rares in Savage Land, grinding herbs to make Cards of Omen and WoD DMF cards.