Ravenholdt Alliance Reconnections

In this thread, please post if you played WoW on the Alliance side of Ravenholdt (US) in 2004-2009.

For best results, post what you remember about yourself and your friends you used to play with:
• Your character’s name, race and class.
• The name of your original guild on this realm.
• The character names of other players you’re hoping to reconnect with.

Please stick with in-game info, and do not post IRL identifying information about yourself or others.

To quickly find if the friend or guild you’re looking for is listed here, use the Search function! Just select the magnifier icon on the top right – be sure to check “Search this topic” to limit your results to this thread.

Good luck finding your former mates!

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Hey I used to play alliance side and currently playing the re-launch of WOTLK classic on Angerforge-NA as alliance again as well!

Find me on the same username I used on Ravenholdt - Hiron , Orfen
Some of the guilds I ran with back then:
Kura Okami, Clan Battlehammer, Renaissance, Redemption Song, and Eventide.