Rated Solo Shuffle Question ect

Does it not count towards the mount in PvP season 4? I am past the 1000 rating and the bar is not moving. + You do not earn conquest?

What is the point of this, it’s the same as the normal shuffle then?

PS: there is now tank rated solo shuffle, some dps do not know what to do lol.
Tips: tanks in the party and no healers means you have to rely on “CC’s”" and your defensive cd’s. Some people think they will stand there and tank 2 or 3 people attacking them with heals lol.

I think it adds a cool dynamic

  1. Season 4 is over, you can’t get the mount any more.
  2. Solo Shuffle doesn’t give Gladiator or Gladiator mounts. It should give everything else (vault gear, Vicious mounts, Conquest). If it’s not rewarding Conquest then it’s a bug.
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okay great, thank you for the info.

You can get saddles from it though, right? That’s pretty much my only interest in it lol

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Yeah, Vicious mounts/saddles should be there similar to 3s.

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