Rated PvP Temporarily Closed to Cross-faction Groups

Yeah. I was the dumb one who returned to the game, started anew my subscription on two accounts, bought three faction changes - all in excitement of being able to play with my friends and have shadowmeld again. Real life money wasted. Sucks.

Whats unforgiveable though is the ridiculously poor communication and customer service recovery. While its not ok to deliver a defective product of any type, ignoring your customers for now 2 days with any update at all is just plain offensive.

My friends told me Microsoft would change things. What a joke.

Wait. Am I allowed to say this with the new social contract??? Oh No … what if they ban me??? Oh wait. Who cares. LOL


agree so much. I would be opkay with a cs rep being like we are so sorry but we dont have a fix or update but still working on it. the silence makes me upset though


I would NEVER try and bump this thread with an irrelevant topic, but how do you post images and gifs? I feel like the blues would hear my cries for the cross-faction fix update if I had a nifty image or gif supporting my comments.

EDIT: fix’t, cuz I posted that on the wrong toon.

Any ETA on this? it’s annoying because it lets you join groups but get an error when you try to queue, so all sorts of people are trying to figure out what is up.


I wish. only thing I got from them was we dont have a update

UPDATE – June 3 5:00 p.m. PDT

We continue to work on this issue as a top priority, and expect that work on a fix will continue into next week. Because of the nature of rated PvP, bugs can result in an unfair competitive loss, and we want to be extra-cautious in testing our fix.

We will let you know as soon as we’ve finalized the solution to the issue.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


They laid off the guy who does backups.

It’s almost as though they decided they wanted to start fresh instead of looking at how merc mode has been working since wod. And they broke that too.



Thank you for atleast providing an update. Hopefully they can get this resolved quickly, and extend the sale an extra week or two due to the delays?

Also, fury warrior needs another tuning in ranked pvp


How on earth do you manage to release the patch in such a buggy state for rated pvp? Cross faction play was literally the main feature of this patch. Hard to imagine it was even tested at all. Pvp really is an afterthought.

And why does the LFG tool still show cross faction groups in pvp while it’s disabled? Incredibly annoying.


Refund. Locked my account from queueing ranked for a week? lol compensate us.


Thank you for the update even though it wasn’t the news I wanted to hear. I greatly appreciate it!!!

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No. they do not need it.

I mean, nowadays, yeah, but the game mostly made sense in vanilla.

Does anyone know what PTR mean? I can’t seem to figure out what it means or what it’s purpose is

Apparently not because people that develop code test prior to release not after

Certain tasks are dificult okay. How about they do something about it? Tired of weak customers excusing huge companies for errors. They need to step it up period. They can handle it lmao

One thing that is extraordinarily frustrating as alliance right now is that the lfg menu is not separated back out and there is no way to auto filter the horde groups out. Makes it that much harder and more confusing to find partners in what felt like an already impossible situation before. I know when you have bugs in production that you have to triage and I guess that was too complicated of a backout for emergency timelines. The way this worked out is just extra bad for alliance.


so lame. havnt been able to arena all week because my partner is on ally now. offer refunds to change faction back until this is fixed


You just described GW2 PvP exactly.