Rate the demon hunter name above you!


1…2…3… Go!


I like it, seems original.



8/10 too relatable.

For some reason blizzard didnt update my name when i transfered. It is now:



6/10 eh, I read a lot of fantasy novels.


8/10 definitely sounds like a Blood Elf last name.

Diable means devil in French


Very cool and inventive. Lacks a little bit on the originality and creative sense but very cool none the less. I’m not one to talk of course, as I don’t delve into roleplay often, even if it is as subtle as a name for a character. 9/10

I don’t know if Blizz updated but my DH’s name is Chickgalwow


5/10 I’m guessing I either don’t get it or it’s a girl who really wants you to know she’s a girl and she plays wow.

Edit: Negativedge is a term coined by the late and great sage John “Totalbiscuit” Bane in SC2. I changed my name when he passed away as my way of showing homage to a man who fought for us as gamers.


8/10. Edgy and fitting for a DH.


Nice. 8/10 don’t care as much for PlayStation, but your variant is very workable.


7/10 i dont think its that original but its fitting. i like it


Eh. 6/10. I don’t know if you’re talking about yourself or your victims. In addition, you’re a DK, not a DH, so I might not even be allowed to rate your name…



I like it.

(Synah) #13

7/10 well the name isn’t wrong

(Zaela) #14

Breaking your thread


10/10 for gutsy move. Now gtfo filthy undead!


9/10 sounds kinda like you took the demon you killed for your powers name


sounds elfish i rate 8/10


Reporting in… 7/10 only if it’s the new redbull flavors.


8/10 I like it. IDK, just like saying it.


Slick/10 …