Rate That Transmog: Priest Edition

Figured I might as well start one of these up again. I missed them on the old forum.

Post on your priest, person below you rates, rinse and repeat.


Im getting a very “I just woke up after being attacked by the void” feeling from yours. You know, like in an action movie where the protagonist wakes up in a sketchy place and has amnesia.

I call my set “Memory of Benedictus”, and it was just my attempt to make a more contemporary t6 :slight_smile:

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So very priestly

:frowning: bummed about my weapon not being mogged.


7/10, reminds me of Predator or a very small, angry alien. Looks cool but missing a couple pieces.


Interesting. I like yours. I like mine for disc, but i wish I could find something a little darker that I liked for shadow.

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Popular FBelf look. Hide Shoulders, kick male human behind in a bikini

7/10 A little too mismatched for my liking, but the effect is perfectly creepy.



I like the minimalist look. You look like a hermit dark caster

This is my character. For some reason the forums thinks im still a mag’har.

9.5/10. I love it. It could do without the tabard, but I still love it even if I hate cropped tabards.

9/10 mog fits race quite well. I like it.

9/10 looks like a cultist.

I don’t think the cropped tabard quite works, but it’s a nice look. 7/10

Something about male Dwarf and dress. Nah, must be the beard! I’d say 8/10.


Great color scheming with mixed sets!

It’s a great look for a warlock, 7/10.

8/10 something off with those shoulders, but I do love that halo!

Good mog for a shadow priest. The weapon just doesn’t seem to quite match. 8/10

Great job mixing pieces from various sources! 10/10

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Really enjoyed your mog…got the drifter feel to it

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i wasnt going to comment as i’m leveling and in allheriloom gear and been lazy so dont even bother to rate me…
but daaaaaaaamn jonezsy you’re one bad a$$ priest!!! 10/10 whoa