Ranged only mechanics-Yikes!

So, I am putting together a list of ranged only mechanics this season and would love any input from you lovely people so it is as comprehensive as I can get it.

I was in an all melee group a recently and felt the pain and want to prepare myself for future keys. Not to dissuade myself from running them but to prepare for the pain lol.

So far I have:

Spinning guys
Roots on Witherbark
Possibly poison dot?

Black Rook Hold:
Eye Beam on Illysanna Ravencrest

That is all I have so far since I just started brainstorming. Anyone have anything else to share that they can remember?

The last two seasons have been a middle finger to the melee classes so ranged is due to get a challenge.

All the jumping guys in Atol, Everbloom, and I think one other dungeon jump every 10-15s and you can pre-move out of the way as long as you have enough distance. The one’s in Atol have an actual cast bar, but all the others just jump. They seem to prioritize ranged dps over healers, but you still want to stand far back.

There’s dungeon weakauras that have timers for these so you know when they’re about to jump and you can pre-move before they even land and take no damage or one hit.

Atal’dazar has a ton of safe spots.

The saurids you can stand on the platforms behind the torches on the bridge. If you’re coming down from the staircase, you can jump up on the ledge just outside the staircase, too.

For the chargers to the left of the entrance, you can run up the staircase on the left wall and hop on the side guard rail and they won’t be able to jump out.

Forgot to mention you can also jump up on the waterfall in the Waycrest courtyard to avoid the jumping mobs that the tank pulls after the 2nd boss.