Range tracker disabled

I agree with this

so it should be working for classic again?

Thanks for the update, and also support Smeetologists opinion on it being more impactful if removed in classic.

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Its still in Classic, DBM Alpha versions of the addon have the command disabled. So if you go to the released version of the addon. The /range “X” is still there.

It never stopped working. However, it is entirely up to addon authors if they want to pre-emptively remove support for this in classic or not on the assumption that we may, at some point, change this.


Why even remove a feature that’s been in the game for 15 years?


And it’s somehow fine releasing such a breaking and hated by absolutely everyone change mid season in Dragonflight? Double standards?

Why even change this after it’s been in game for over 19 years? How is this such a problem now and wasn’t in past 19 years?


Does this mean the probability of us getting better ranged indicators (more retail oriented) built into Cataclysm raids is a thing now? I’m all for this change going forward if that’s the case. If it isn’t then you’ll just have the same issues that you would have if you rolled out this change tomorrow. Maybe to an even higher magnitude.

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Mid season? The new raid just started.

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The fact that it already started before this change went live is already enough to not release such a breaking change. They could have easily waited until next expansion, or hell just don’t touch at all what was working fine for previous 19 years…

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As mysticalos (dbm head dude) said on twitter when it happened. Blizz already wanted to hit range indicators heavy back in 2018.


This has been a long time coming

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Just to add, I will be re-adding rangecheck functions to classic versions here shortly. The original messaging seemed it was more imminent in wrath (it did alway say era was delayed but my approach to go full gut immediately was on idea that wrath was getting it very soon).


It’s interesting people are saying that. While the alpha has it removed in classic. I never pushed a new release. The current release should have working range check. I encourage any user that is not familiar with alpha/wip stuff to stick to using release versions (ideally lastest release). alphas are for cutting edge progression on retail, or developers or just power users that want to review upcoming changes early and give feedback on them.

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lol but screw retail’s brand new raid tier amiright guys?


Retail doesn’t really need range check anymore. Every spread mechanic has some obvious circle radius around it or some big bulging icon above players heads. It’s extremely obvious if you’re in someone elses circle or not. As person that literally makes the range checker, almost no one looks at it. I barely even use it on retail mods anymore. Most fights don’t even open it anymore in current content.

It’s more of a feature for older content where the visuals are far less clear, such as classic.

The only hurt for retail, is inability to filter distant alerts post api breakage. Like being able to go “ok, you’re on the fire elemental, squelch alerts from the shadow one thats out of range”. That’s biggest loss to retail. The ability to tone down white noise that isn’t needed is a big deal on fights where raid splits.


so you guys are going to add built in range detectors or highlights on boss abilities to show range like ff14 does, right? or you just gonna keep making bosses that require addons to beat then get mad people are using said addons and then breaking them?


The problem with API changes like this is that they don’t take into account the people with accessibility needs. Specifically, in this case, I know someone with vision impairment that uses the range check to be able to ‘see’ in game.



Retail has good, reliable AoE ground effect indicators on most boss fights, such that a range checker is not required to play Dragonflight.

Classic does not have that luxury. Almost nothing in Classic is telegraphed in any useful way.

Removing range checking entirely from Classic would deprive players of critical encounter information that the base game simply fails to provide, and in so doing make the experience excessively frustrating.


You guys didn’t plan on a lot of things that you did.

In cata the loss of range checks is going to hurt.