Random question for The Guard

What exactly happened here?

Will this awkward kinda goofy aaah type encounter happen again Wednesday?


Maybe. Maybe not. ;D

Next time I’ll be there to stop you, villain! The only thing wriggling will be the worms in your grave.

Yeah, that was a good rift, we made the call out to move, but half the raid still managed to get ported. Well played.

Unlike some other ally players/guilds, we don’t rage in our comms when things go bad.


Now Locks are teleporting whole raid groups? Or is that a toy?

Shadow rift. Yeah I kept noticing they wanted to lure us into that tower and a lightbulb popped over my head :bulb::brain:


Brain power!

this is like the 3rd time youve posted this. we get it you caught us off guard :roll_eyes:

we also immediately mass rezz’d and rolled your raid over from that tower all the way to the gates and it was an even numbers fight

good job on catching us off guard but posting this 3 times is silly af, you must not be the cause of many victories idk :joy:

I missed this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Did you watch the whole thing?

But how could that happen? You’re THE GUARD. I’m suing for false advertisement :rage:

Was leveling alts last night and it was funny watching morti and deets and a few others Benny Hill around SW lol.

Beautiful, what a good play

Oh Jalen, what an absolute king u are. I still fall asleep at night wondering how ur sweet embrace must feel. Caress my folds once more baby Jalen.

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