Random Phasing during combat

Has anyone else noticed the enemy player randomly phasing while in combat and just reappearing? Its been happening alot in different areas.
At first i thought it was people loading into arena but after 4-5 seconds they just reappear with all dots on them still.

If you’re at any of the PvP quests near the graveyard, it’s because of an “anti-grief” measure implemented by Blizzard that is bugged and they never caught (because no one on the team does WPvP :laughing: )

Essentially, when you die at a PvP quest, you go to the graveyard. When it resurrects you, you’re given an opportunity to mount up and get away in the form of a buff that makes you immune to all damage and invisible until you attack or cast a spell. The problem with this buff is it’ll apply to nearby party members as well, which will temporarily “phase” them until they attack or cast a spell again.

It’s weird but yeah, that’s the breakdown. Needs to be fixed. :dracthyr_shrug:

You know he is not referring to that, because he mentioned players re-appearing with dots on them.

You are correct. The phasing out of WPVP combat has been abused and now perfected, to the point where it is functioning as effectively as a player ability on key bind.

Players that like to defend phasing out of WPVP combat by stating there is no such thing or is impossible, are the ones actively abusing it the most.

I wish I could upload the in-game recordings of players on forums phasing out of WPVP combat.

All recognizable names. All defenders of the current system.

It’s exactly what he’s referring to. The anti grief measure I talked about doesn’t get rid of dots or anything, it just temporarily makes them invisible/immune for a few seconds until they attack again or cast a spell.

No one’s defending it, you’re just misunderstanding it. Taking an invite from another player on a different shard while you’re in PvP combat is not a way of sharding/phasing, it won’t shard you while you’re in combat. Taking a queue, such as arena or a dungeon invite while in PvP combat, yes, that is an actual thing people use to escape PvP combat.

Whenever I’m bountied and I feel like there’s too many players on me, I will sometimes use a wormhole generator to escape. The wormholes last 5 minutes as a talkable NPC, and you can take these to teleport out even in combat. You’ve probably seen me do something like this before, and the difference is, I didnt reappear 4-5 seconds later. I lost bounty whenever I teleported out and had to rebuff.

You can test it out yourself. Try this: be in PvP combat with another player at a WPvP quest (let’s say in Zaralak Caverns). Join a sparks group for ZC in LFG while you’re in combat. The game will not shard you over into that new groups shard until after you’ve been out of combat.

excellent observation skills bro, and thank you for the reply.

yo we got a mutual enemy that’s phaseing from timeless constantly at 20 percent and ends up in goldshire area seconds later then trinkets back got any idea how thought he was just takin ques till a friend noticed he was in elwynn right after he left zone does it multiple times in an hour u came up in conversation in trash talk some how

Quest teleports. There are many quests in the game that do things on abandon, such as teleport you back to the quest giver on abandon.

He likely found a quest that does that in Elwynn Forest or he has a quest that sends him elsewhere and he hearthstones back to Elwynn Forest. People can also follower dungeon to teleport out, no cooldown on queueing for that either.

Then of course he uses the Timeless Trinket which is on a 1min cooldown to get back to Timeless Isle.

gotcha thanks man i knew you would know come say hi some day haven seen u for a while lots of action there now that there’s nothin to do peace!