Random Encounter <WoW Classic> <RP-PVE> Recruiting

Greetings fellow inhabitants of Azeroth, Wobblecogg Sprockett here to announce that Random Encounter is now recruiting new members prior to the release of WoW classic edition. We want to have a strong core of players ready to go on launch day of WoW Classic.

Random Encounter is a guild for older/mature gamers. We have jobs, kids, spouses, and many other responsibilities other than World of Warcraft. We are laid back and are not too worried about being the biggest, OP, 1337, guild on the block. That does not mean we are not skilled at what we do though. We take our time seriously because many of us don’t have a lot of it.

We at Random Encounter do not look at age as a simple number. Your maturity and general interaction with the guild is what we are looking at. If you’re a 16 year old with a mature demeanor and attitude you are more than welcome to join.

We are currently working towards building a team to take on all of the content WoW Classic has to offer. We want to build a cohesive unit of casual yet skilled players. We hope to have all types of players including a competitive raiding group. When raiding does start we are going to plan for 2 nights a week for 3 to 4 hours. (This may be adjusted obviously) The main goal of the guild is going to be a community feeling where all types of players can come together and play without the fear of drama. My goal with any guild I have run has always been about not just being another chat channel, but being a place you can truly call home.

Alliance or Horde?

Type of Server?

We will be playing on a RP server for a more relaxed atmosphere. I know this isn’t for everyone, but I have always enjoyed this type of server. I don’t usually RP myself but I do know quite a few people that do/have in the guilds I have run.

What classes are you recruiting?
We are currently recruiting all classes.

Who are you Wobble?

I am a US Navy military veteran of 8 years and I am medically retired due to in service sustained injuries. I have been playing MMORPG’s since around 1997 with the launch of Ultima Online. Ever since then I have fell in love with the genre. I filled every type of role in a guild/clan from the lowliest recruit to the guild leader. My most recent endeavor as a leader came from leading a Free Company in FFXIV until a health problem forced me to take my leave from the game 2 years ago. I have a very extensive experience with Vanilla WoW and its raiding content. I was a member of a hardcore raiding guild during Vanilla on the Rexxar server with a guild called Oracle. We opened the Gates of AQ on our server and cleared C’Thun. We downed about 7 bosses in Nax before our guild leader took everything we had saved in the guild bank, and server transferred just before BC came out without informing us that they were going to do so. From then on I promised myself that I would run a guild the right way and never do something like that to anyone. With all of that said I am truly ready to lead this guild and provide an amazing place for people to log in every day and play WoW Classic.

If you are interested in joining please visit our website at https:// www. reguild. org and follow the instructions there for how to apply. The process is a bit in depth, but we only do this to ensure we have a good group of like minded folks. Thank you for your time and I hope to be hearing from some of you soon. Keep your feet on the ground.

Very Respectfully,

Wobblecogg Sprockett

PS If you would like to get in contact with me with any questions you can reply to this post, contact me on discord via hobbit#1603,on my blizzard account hypno44#1447, or via the message system on the guild website.