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Why is Blizzard not adding RDF to WOTLK Classic yet? Most of the servers are dead and lacking players. Trying to find a dungeon group on a dead realm is almost impossible. Even getting regular heroics together can be a pain.

What about players who want to level up in dungeons? A lot of people don’t like questing from 1 to 80 on every alt. Some of us like the idea of sitting in town, waiting for a dungeon queue to pop. Just creates a nice relaxing style of play, rather than running around in empty leveling zones on dead servers.

This was a feature added in WOTLK, just like faction changes. I’m assuming faction changes were added because it makes Blizzard money. Why not just introduce RDF to the game, you’ll probably get a lot more people playing with this feature.

Not like this topic will make a difference, I’m just tired of not having RDF in the game. It’s one of my favorite features on retail.


INB4 the usual stock replies.

I agree, add RDF


I just leveled this lock 1-80 on a mega server. Sometimes it was an absolute slog finding groups for anything. Even when you do theres no “social experience”

teleport to dungeon
complete it without talking

So literally the exact same thing rdf would be :skull:


I agree, add RDF


100000% Agree Again I would imagine it’s a combination of people leaving the focus being split on.

Dragonflight and Whatever they have planned for era 1.15 Whatever that actually ends up being ?

On top of that there is a portion of players that still cling to the idea that it would cough cough Ruin the social experience I don’t see these people in game but I See them on the forms Mind you I don’t agree but ya.


Every time you post another RDF whining thread, Blizzard delays its release another week.


To be fair He did say it is a discussion constantly going on through the team not just him bit ya #rdf


and we need this NOW…

really the experience is not like the TBC classic or Vanilla, and if it is totally needed because once again, the WotLK dungeons are not the same, and the experience for the last time before the vanilla revamp is not the same thing as the RDF is the only thing needed for the rare absence of gamers in this MMO.


Ego. its all about dev ego. I am glad brian is gone, but his replacement doesnt seem to be any better.


When Classic servers were asked for

Bliz: “No RDF; you don’t want that, you think you do, but you don’t”

After backlash

Bliz: “You want that, and we think you do; sorry for patronizing you, here’s a game without RDF even though we said you wouldn’t want it”

“Here’s Wrath; still no RDF for people that didn’t want it when it’s already in retail”

It’s a settled issue, RDF is a retail-only feature. Wrath content was complete before RDF was initially inserted, there’s 0 absolute-need to add it early to begin with; bringing it up over and over again isn’t going to change that, move on

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It’ll really only be settled when the servers get scuttled and Retail and Classic Era are the only two options from Blizzard themselves.

Where’s that one person with the long quote from one of the original devs talking about how they wanted it in Vanilla to begin with?


Just to add to the pile: I want RDF to be added into the game as soon as possible.


Well yeah of course it’s not Because like anything the classic player base has been evolving throughout each Is innovation of classic just the way they did in Every Interation the first time.

In classic you had logs And parses not Gear score tbc gdkps Started to take off And now in wrath we have all three thing is rdf Balanced it out in wrath.

And we need that balancing factor again on top of that it would also make leveling way faster I would even say at this point Make it cross realm and cross faction And just make it so it takes four people to vote to kick somebody Adjoyous journeys on top I think wrath would pop off


Because they:

  1. Don’t respect the playerbase.
  2. The classic devs are completely inept
  3. They just don’t care about WOTLK because they already made too many mistakes on it.

Well its true. I would sit in city all day long.

As this really is a good way to collect mats. Jsut the the other day I pulled in 400 skins from from all the skinnable animals there in dalaran.

this was sarcasm in case meters broken.

There are no skinnable animals in dalaran, shattrath, org or sw. Also no rock or herb nodes. or 10’s of quest givers who pay gold plus reward items that sell for gold too. or give xp while you wait.

DPS waits…its jsut how that goes. Even in retail my dps would quest while waiting.

Why I never got…“people will sit in cities.”

If players can do that…either they like being poor. Or they have a gold making scheme and got rich already. If the latter…that has to be nice lol.

Me. I make 1000 spend 1000. One day I won’t live paycheck to paycheck in game. For now, that day is not today lol.


There is no balance here, and none of that, it remains the same, nothing has changed here except that BLIZZARD DOES NOT HAVE THOSE 12M PLAYERS, why do you want balance, there is no… It only makes it more complicated to search in a normal LFG at any time and at any time.

What are you talking about? Stop talking about nonsense, the RDF should be maintained as WotLK was in Retail, it is not a reboot, it is a remake, a classic server, nothing else has changed, it should remain as it should be.


Ummmmmm You didn’t play original vanilla tbc or wrath did you ?

And we’re kind of already way past thee # No changes And don’t mistake me here i’m not saying that we shood not have rdf What’s the matter with making it cross faction and requiring four people to boot somebody Instead of 3 ?

The only thing cross faction would do is add more people to the dungeon pool It was already required to be cross Server So why is that an issue ?

As far as a balancing factor yeah a balancing factor in the sense that Gear score Logs And parses are a thing Even for wrath Heroics and A fresh 80 Is very unlikely to have 4k Gear score right when they hit 80.

I’m trying to remove as many barriers as possible to let as many people possible. Play dungeons why would you object to that The game hasn’t changed that much the player base has.

2019 Classic I can tell you was nothing like vanilla Not even close tbc and wrath Same difference.

Just by two factors 1 Vanilla tbc anx wrath Are all solved 2 The amount of information add ons What we have access to now even in 2008 Isn’t even close thats wat im saing.

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Hello, that’s me.

"To be completely honest, [the Looking For Group tool] is a feature I wanted in the game when we launched the game. I was really unhappy when we didn’t have it when we first shipped, so it’s been 5 years coming. Maybe it wasn’t the number one thing I wanted in, but it’s definitely one of the top 5 things that I wanted in the game. It’s actually our third try at a proper LFG tool, and this one gets it right. With the Meeting Stones, we didn’t put enough attention into it, we just tried to jam it in, and people didn’t use it. The second tool, it ended up being compromised feature – we tried to cater to too many different audiences.

As for the community question, I used to … I think that 5 years ago, I would have answered this question differently than I would today. I was all about preserving the small realm communities, but already… Well, look at Battlegrounds, it’s a good case in point, because it doesn’t diminish social relationships that matter on a realm. Sure, everyone can bring up “that one guy” that they know, the ninja looter who stole his stuff. But I think your real community isn’t the whole realm, but it’s your guild and the friends you group with, and the cross-server LFG won’t undermine that at all. The Dungeon Finder – by the way, I think we just renamed it the Dungeon Finder last night – We designed it in such a way that it serves the need for guilds and groups and friends. You don’t have to always [join a Pick-Up Group]. If there are four guildies in a group who just need a fifth, they can do that. You can also use it if even you have a full five-person party.

Or, you can do it if you’re on your own and just want to run something, so I don’t think it diminishes it at all" - Rob Pardo


Thanks. :slight_smile:


I’m not interested in your Vanilla, and TBC, here we are in WotLK, RDF should exist here, it’s not your whim here if it has to be like vanilla, it’s WotLK and all those things should exist as it was in ret