Random Disconnects are Directly Related to Guild Screen

I have issues when I open the player panel, game freezes for 7-10 seconds or goes black screen and all this started when 8.3 arrived. Not our stuff or rather was not our set up unless something with 8.3 and pc do not get aolong

Frroodoo<Ångst> That is a completely different issue. Start a new thread.

Leninth. Upto you on if you wish to troubleshoot or not. I tried on my personal account I can access my guild community window and guild bank/chat fine. I would recommend to troubleshoot to help narrow down the source of the issue.



I have access to it no problem. If I leave it open then I crash. Still no disconnects and still sitting here in wow and haven’t opened the screen

See, here’s the thing. My anecdotal evidence cancels out your anecdotal evidence - or vice versa, if you prefer - which is why we troubleshoot.

I can unequivocally state that having the guild screen open does not cause me to get disconnected. I’ve tested it hundreds of times since it went live, and never been disconnected.

If the guild screen were broken, it would be broken for everyone - not just you. Every player runs the exact same version of the client. So if there was a defect in the guild screen causing disconnects, we would see more reports of that behavior.

I’d suggest taking Zuvykree’s advice and troubleshooting the issue.

I have been having the same issues for about a week now. I was gpromoted to Officer in my guild and started getting disconnect issues.

Things I have done:
Removed my addons.
Deleted my wow folder and redownloaded a fresh copy.
Logged in on another computer.
Reformatted and reinstalled my OS. Only installing bnet and wow.
Joined other guilds.
-Two have been small and I wont dc in
-One has been large and I do dc
-Had someone else log into my computer and promote their character to officer and got dcs
-Tried wired and wireless connection on my home network.
-Tried a completely seperate internet connection
-About a hundred other minor things as well (I can post whether or not something worked. This was the bulk of my troubleshooting.)

Nothing ever seemed to stop the dc’ing

I raised a ticket with Blizz support earlier this week and over the past couple of days have spoke with their support over the phone. It seems that my IP is sending a flood of requests to the home server and that server is sending a disconnect to my client to stop whatever is flooding it.

In my testing, if I do not open the guild window, I am able to stay connected to the client.

If my guild window is opened, I will dc anywhere from 30 seconds to 18 mins. The blizzard support rep that has been working on my issue logged into my account from their computer and started getting dc’d as well. Same issue, flood request to the home server which then disconnects the client.

I was so happy to get promoted in my guild, but it has been a nightmare. But it seems that I am currently left at the state of “either don’t be an officer or don’t use the guild window” until the bug is addressed and fixed. The blizz support agent did mention that he would be opening up a ticket with them, but there is no eta on the fix for me.

Thanks for posting this, Persefoni!

If anyone else is experiencing similar issues with the error WOW51900319 when leaving the Guild/Communities window open, please post here with the details. The more reports we have, the more data we can track. Thanks!


Just happen to me. Have been having issues disconnecting. Finally opened up Guild/Communites window and within 2 min, i disconnected. I have been trying not to open it to see if this is the cause, and it happen to me.

As GM in Persefoni’s guild… I even tried deleting and recreating all our officer ranks… no change. Granted I can’t make the change from my Mac, because y’all broke that too…

Stellar patch…

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Any update on this? I am guessing maybe it doesn’t happen to everyone for a few different reasons. I personally, have over 16 communities full of 1k people. A guild which is full as well. Maybe because there is so much data trying to load all at once, causes the disconnect? If i am on my other toon’s that i only have guild chat, no communities i do not have a problem.

No update as of yet. When I have more information on this I will be sure to share it here. It appears that it may be related to the amount of people in the Guild itself, but it is hard to say.

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How about now? Its definitely happening every time i open my guild window, have not been able to go into it for a long time now. Any fix coming soon?

Hey there Jèroy,

I checked into all this, and it looks like there hasn’t been any meaningful movement on it just yet. For bugs like this that have a work around and which affect a lower number of players, they often end up at a lower priority than ones that affect larger amounts of players and have extreme or unavoidable results. I promise this is still on our radar - we talk about it on row at least weekly, but until there’s movement there’s nothing else we can provide for you.

For situations like this, we like to be proactive and give test requests once we hear of updates, so I’d expect us to post back with another reply to you directly once we do hear something has happened. In the mean time, we’re continuing to collect examples. If you find that other officers of your guild have this issue, please direct them to this thread to post. The more examples we have of an issue , the higher a priority we can set an investigation request, which is the best way to speed up our investigation.

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So I am having this issue as well. Whenever I log into my characters and look at the guild roster/communities channels I am immediately disconnected from the game. For the record I have removed all of my addons and this still happens. I am an Officer in my guild and a moderator in the communities and if I can’t promote/demote or make changes it hinders my ability to play the game.
Also once I have been disconnected from a character I can no longer log into that character. It auto kicks if I try to go immediately back in. So then I have to switch to another character and back again. Very inconvenient. I hope my posting about this helps in some way because this is very frustrating.

I am also have serious crashing issues when trying to use my guild logs and communities. Especially when scrolling up in guild chat. This is a pressing issue while im trying to problem solve issues in my guild I keep crashing while going through guild logs. Please fix this. I use guild logs to justify removal for trolling and cant currently do that while crashing.

I created a post earlier today, didn’t see this one before I did, this happens to me as well. I’ve now gone 74mins without a disconnection, as long as I do not have the Guild & Communities open. Blizzard needs to look into this, there are many posts regarding this error 51900319.

Thanks for your reports! I’ve included each of your reports on our tracking. We’re continuing to track this issue and our team has been notified of this issue. We need more examples and reports to push this to a higher priority. If you find that officers or high ranks in the guild is experiencing this issue, please refer them to this post here.

If you have been referred or have run into this problem, please include your character name and realm that are impacted by this issue.

Please note the WoW51900319 error is a generic connection error and is not directly tied to the guild screen disconnection issue.

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I’m an officer in my guild as well. I’m constantly getting the wow 51900319 error if I have the Guild/Community tab open longer then 10 seconds. Then I get locked out till I log over to another toon for 5 mins. Afterward I can log onto my main and as long as I don’t interact with the Guild/Community tab I’m good. It is NOT addon related. I’ve clear cache, WTF folders. disabled all addons and this still occurs. I’ve reported this several times as a bug report and no response. Please fix this.

Some added commentary - The last response I got from BLUE on my thread for the same issue was that they know what the issue is in RETAIL however they have not been able to reproduce the issue on the QA server. They hope to have a fix for this in the next major patch (I think this translates to Shadowlands).

Hey all,

We’ve been able to reproduce this and wanted to bump the thread with that information. Devs are on it. We don’t have an ETA on a fix yet, but thanks to the data we got from the threads on this and some reports from players, we identified some common threads. If we hear anything else, we’ll let you know.

Thanks again for the reports!

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As everyone else has said, I am an officer in my guild and having the guild window open from any amount of time is causing me to disconnect. Even my Officer alts are having the same issue. Other officers in the guild are experiencing this too, ever since 8.3.
Tôidi Tichondrius realm