Random Battleground are so sweaty

This season has felt so sweaty. Every bgs or ebg I’ve played has almost all been against premade, and my team gets completely dominated and everyone are constantly fighting in chat. I haven’t had much fun this season so far. Am I just unlucky, or do other solo players have the same issues with bgs this season?


Idk I feel that way too but I’m just bad so. :woman_shrugging:

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I don’t enjoy most of the maps at this point. That’s my main gripe. Premades are pretty annoying, but some of them are only slightly better than a true “random/solo” group. I don’t have any idea if there are more premades now than there were before. I’m not the best at identifying them anyway. The quality of the games is pretty low on average, from my experience, but it’s always been that way (one side dominating the other).


I think I’ve just been playing too long. Game’s gotten stale to me.

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It is the nature of the beast. However, it is very frustrating that Blizz continues to ignore making improvements in random bgs. History shows it’s not going to change, so if you’re not enjoying it now I doubt it will get better if you solo (Which I do)

Dont get me started on Party Sync.


its called pvp because its not pve which is dull and not as sweaty


The groups I join end up ignoring the objective and focus on hks.

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Cross-faction teams. Strict premade matching. Hidden MMR.

Maybe someday.



I end up being the one running the flag to save the other team from an extended gy farm.

Friends are too OP in random bgs.


I stick to epics these days.


BFG is so bad. Only 3 nodes and it’s practically over before it’s even got going in most cases, especially against an organized grp. No wonder people leave.

Lets take the term Sweaty and rename that word as “Standard”

It’s a “Standard” to have the best gear possible in a BG but that isn’t enough. You must also have Food buffs, BiS Versa phial or equivalent, Gems, Enchants and consumables.

“IF” you don’t have these things you will get rolled over especially as a Solo player because the “Standard” is to bring your A game to YEET and dominate the score board in a Random BG.

That means when you Rez after dying, putting out food again, rebuffing, buying 785 Versa phials and having a stash of them. Goblin gliders, etc etc. Pots, you name it “IF” you want a fighting chance.

So if that is Sweaty then fine but in reality it’s a Standard for success and you don’t get to complain if you aren’t using these things. You just aren’t up too today’s Standards for BGs.


I play for blood, not winning.
If I see a Mage in my BG, my sole purpose is to make them unable to play the entire match.


This is what reg BGs feel like. And why i’ll continue to not play them.

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This is why I do random bgs.

Party sync just needs to go.


Ok but when you only casual bg like my group of friends you end up with like 10k+ Marks of honor they take up bag space… No reason to not buy food/pots they are there for that reason.
Its a normal tool everyone has access too, also Gliders are key for how many knockbacks this game has an they help change the playing field with different mobility plays.

Whoever has the most KB’s wins the BG. They are a solo event. Your Team could lose but if you own it up then you win. No one cares if Horde or Alliance wins but that guy that had 3 times the KBs as everyone else will be remembered.


I haven’t had this experience as much as others. I do tend to roll with at least one other person so at least two of us know to target healers, or play objective. Going in solo is a huge gamble. You don’t need an entire premade but 1-2 other people that you know are also good makes a difference.


Not really I’m already moving on to the next bg. It’s not like the person has won an Olympic Gold Medal or anything of significance.

TY for your honesty. I get this kind of playing with friends MUCH more than i get the “i don’t play to win” attitude.