Ramping haste inside voidform

I feel like this is what is missing for voidform, or even Shadow Priest in general to have identity. This is the only reason I’ve enjoyed Shadow Priest. It would also make voidform feel rewarding, when you manage to extend voidform and you can feel the haste getting higher and higher.

What are your thoughts on what the devs need to do to make Voidform and Dark Ascension interesting?


I don’t know what needs to be done, but PTR voidform doesn’t do ANYTHING on single target right now except give you access to 6s cooldown void bolt. Wack. Can’t imagine that it basically just existing as a way to apply mastery in aoe is the intention.

I also think DA would be more interesting if it was what allowed Mind Spike to be spammed without removing dots or something. Some sort of significant rotational change beyond just encouraging you to take direct damage talents. I actually like the change to bring it to 1min cooldown, but 33% uptime DA is a big commitment to a direct damage playstyle. The alternatives need to be fleshed out for people who don’t want that.

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VF adds void bolt to rotation, proccing more ghosts and generating more insanity… Haste scaling ramp has been tried and is denied since Legion , it caused too many problems.

DA is just ugly, I hope it doesn’t sim well so I don’t look like I just left Hot Topic on my way to the raid.


I’d be ok with the implementation of scaling haste so that you feel the voidform duration. I’d just want each 1% haste to come with 1% reduced damage.

What I find interesting is that with Void Eruption having/needing a cast time in order to get into Voidform, for some reason Blizzard is relegating Shadows DPS cooldown to require a cast time… unless I am missing something, no other class/spec requires a cast time for a DPS cooldown.

So now that Void Eruption (Voidform) duration is extended based on the insanity you spend, I think if we instead replace Void Bolt with Void Eruption so you can both use Void Eruption more often and at the same time extend Voidform… That would feel a lot better. This in turn would allow going into Voidform be its own ability and since it wont do damage, Voidform and Dark Ascension cast time can be removed and not require a PvP talent to make it instant cast.

I mean honestly… Why is Void Bolt even a thing? Its just another button you have to spam that doesn’t really do anything anymore right? Wont it feel better to instead save button mashing and use Void Eruption? That seems more rewarding. This will also free up GCD’s for procs of Mind Blast reset/instant cast and Mind Spikes and give you a real choice between Single Target (Devouring Plague) and Multi Target (Void Eruption).

Void Bolt is and has always been lame imo. Since it really doesn’t serve much of a purpose… make it Void Eruption instead.

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It was impossible to balance in previous expansions. Either it did the most insane amount of damage due to the high amount of haste gained, or it did negative damage since you would lose VF too quickly.


Its basically an instant cast MB that procs ghosts as well. They could probably delete it, make SWD proc ghosts and we’d be in the same dps parse overall (talenting into bread of death talents).

maybe if void bolt consumed Surge of darkness procs for an extra 20% dmg and proc a second ghost (just shooting numbers here really) would at least make it more visually impactful and satisfying to press.

As for cast time on VF/DA, they insist on this mechanic for some reason and even changed the pvp talent for instant cast to DA as well. I hope this is addressed in the next blue post.

Arcane Mages also have to cast Arcane surge to gain Arcane Power.

Voidform should increase the tick rate of all your dots by a high percentage.

Could also have it each tick dmg be duplicated.

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LOL this comment. Cause they could’ve kept DA wings as a glyph with Devouring Plague like before and left it at that. Voidform > DA visually.


would it help in pvp? was looking at priest for pvp in dragon flight

No. Absolutely not.

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Mass hysteria + scaling hasting + lingering insanity was by far the most fun version of shadow.


That era when you saw a shadow priest levitating you either CCed or GTFO.