Rampant Gold Farming in Nazmir

So I observed a potential botting issue in Nazmir. One Monk, 7 Moonkin, all in the same guild from Aegwynn and exhibiting similar behaviors: Spamming Sunfire, Starfall centered at their location, Fury of Elune, Keg Smash, Blackout Strike, and Rushing Jade Wind. Target: Nazmani Drudges, Sanguine Disciples, Nazmani Ravagers, and Jax’teb the Reanimated rare spawn at coordinates 46, 52 in Nazmir.

They all had on the same gear (Benthic for most pieces, free 370 weapon from Nazjatar starting quests, 400 crafted trinkets - Highborne Compendiums) and had the same talent/Azerite trait setups.

Involved characters:
Monk: Laraves-Aegwynn
Druid #1: Kelaesarden-Aegwynn
Druid #2: Malthanorn-Aegwynn
Druid #3: Jalandolaris-Aegwynn
Druid #4: Sariandor-Aegwynn
Druid #5: Gloranian-Aegwynn
Druid #6: Kaedir-Aegwynn
Druid #7: Ganubravian-Aegwynn

Is this a known multiboxer actually putting in the shared inputs or a bot handling all of that?

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Still going on to this day