Raids are the perfect difficulty without world buffs

The raids in classic were never meant to be min maxed to the point where you did thousands of DPS. They were designed to be done with tier 2 gear and maybe a few potions.

We wiped early into aq last night and to be honest, the rest of the raid was more fun and exciting. We one shot everything after that and had a 4 phase cthun. The fights you actually had to pay attention to and do mechanics like kill the worms on fankriss. Run out of battleguard’s bladestorm. Avoid Ouro sweeps. Actually put on max nature resist gear and pre pot GNPP for princess.

The raids are still easy as hell but I think it’s the perfect difficulty for classic. Just engaging enough to not be boring, and just easy enough to not be frustrating. World buffs are not mandatory or needed to clear the content.


Some of it is more fun, but Battleguard Sartura can die in 10 seconds for all I care. Not an enjoyable boss.

My guild cruised through Huhuran last night, crushing all in our path.

And then we wiped on the first Anubisath Defender but I somehow snuck around the corner, vanished, and saved my buffs.

And then we came back and… we wiped on him again and my buffs were gone.

If we wanted extreme mechanical challenges, there’s always mythic retail raiding.

I do definitely yearn for top end raiding again, but Battle for Azeroth literally killed that entire desire, and I highly doubt Shadowlands would bring it back.

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Pr*vate servers like Nostalrius disabled world boofs for the first month a new patch was released. The itemization was also progressive too, not based on 1.12.1. You would be surprised how big a difference items changed.

Maybe if you play in a scrub guild.

Even without world buffs every raid in classic is a joke in terms of difficulty for experienced gamers.


Just put rogues on stun rotations, its cake.

i am in clasic no have raid , how 2 access

Keeping a raid of 40 people together is where the real muscle in classic is. Especially now, as the population dims, we’re about to see which guilds got the REAL STRONK.

P.S. It’s not many.

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I think this is what TBC raiding will be like. The world buff exploit will get fixed, thankfully, and strict limits will be placed on consumable use.

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T5 before the nerfs was super fun. Not mythic or anything, but fun.

That’s true. I’ve been in many MC pugs, on my alt, hosted by new guilds who wipe a lot before hitting Garr.

Non-world buff parsing cured my cancer.