Raiding and whats wrong with it

I didn’t find anything you said rude so nothing to worry about.

If you enjoy alliance I strongly recommend checking out the multiple raiding communities. I have heard good things about them from people who are apart of them.

I have some friends on alliance that may have or lead one of those communities. I’ll hit them up and see.

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Any pug I lead im looking people up on warcraft logs.

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As you should, just having a kill isn’t enough in the days where paid raid carries are so common place.

Well race and class combo is none existent for raiding, unless you are pushing world first or hardcore pvp. Ok sure lets put new players with veterans, what makes you think that does new players will learn anything from the veterans? IF they are shy or don’t want to socialize that wont change at all. And we already have that its called LFR, new players can go there and actually practice mechanics and learn dps rotations. But its too easy so they really dont have to think, but if we increase the difficulty then new players will complain that it is too hard and they don’t have the time to watcha 5min video to learn their class or mechanics.

I don’t think people have an issue with being nice, I think people have an issue with being taken advantage on. It really does not feel good to help carry a bunch of people who will never help you back or just quit after they get what they want. I help people in my guild with M+ on low / new toons but thats my guild. Strangers can join guilds with experience players and learn from them. You HAVE to put some level of trying and social interaction, just pressing a button and being put somewhere feels cheap but thats my opinion.

Raiding community is not hostile at ALL, compare to PVP its the friendliest community in the world. They just don’t want to carry people, there are plenty of guilds that will help new players.

Most of whom unsubscribed after a month once they’d done the leveling process.

Just like every expansion.

(It’s going to happen again in Dragonflight, btw. Tons of people buy the expansion, level up a character, then quit for 2 years.)

If you don’t want to say the dreaded A name, I pointed out basically the same idea 3 days ago: The problem is not LFR

People weren’t too thrilled. They want free stuff and Blizzard said they have to actually socially interact in a MMO game in order to acquire a group activity reward. The toxicity is on both sides of this problem.

LFR whether you like it or not, is group activity. And social side is what you make of it. I’ve had many conversations in LFR. I joined a Karazhan pug on Classic where no one spoke.

If you’re just hitting up random groups in the finder, for sure it’s an issue. However, I’ve had a lot of success using the guild finder to look for groups raiding on my schedule.

I’ve also found several pug raiders on twitch who use the platform to explain fights and such

It’s better for the player that needs coaching. it’s not necessarily better for the player expected to do the coaching.

I do agree that FF had a great system in which groups with new people got a bonus amount of currency. Wow has something simliar in valor - if you have someone in your key for whom it would be a score increase, the party gets bonus valor. But I think FF’s system goes further (I think it’s bonus of two types of currency, and you can buy all sorts of things with the poetics, and relevant - but not best - gear with the other)

I wouldn’t be opposed to a system like that.

But at the end of the day, no player should be expected to coach others if they don’t want to.

Probably while waiting for a tank because the previous one left. :upside_down_face:

Karazhan has also been a thing for 15 years. If there is a raid out there that has been farmed to a point it is muscle memory, it is this one.

The fact you could get INTO that pug shows there was some interaction that is failing in retail. I recognize and sympathize with the problem for people who find LFR as their only option. Read my post I originally linked to.

People leave pugs too.

Karazhan being muscle memory means people should be more relaxed and social.

Now do the final paragraph where I wrapped up my point.

a nameless streamer pointed out recently that in any given WoW raid about 70 % of the time spent is downtime, not on the boss.

other games reverse that and 70 % or so of the time is spent fighting the boss.

no wonder I prefer outdoor bosses !

What free stuff do you think people are getting? It wasn’t originally a login reward. People will straight up say that the harder difficulties are actually easier, while also saying you aren’t earning anything in LFR on here, lol.

Just for the record.

You are one of the most hostile and toxic people on these forums.

So please. Get over yourself.

Personally I could just do with the following:

  1. Reduce the overall scale of raids. Remove multiple trash packs, remove the need to actually mount up to get to some bosses in a timely manner.

  2. Have some story/endgame bosses have their own one off fight where it’s just you and the boss.

  3. Make Normal and Heroic queueable with a set item level requirement that is above world quest/lfr level. This would make things more accessible, while also giving incentive to interact with systems like M+, actually getting your best ilvl leggo, set bonuses, etc.

I know this is going to be disagreed with by most, but hey my opinions are my opinions.

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Yes, easier because of the coordination you pointed out isn’t even needed anymore in Karazan. LFR is as close to free as this game gets that isn’t a 6 month sub mount.

This is really a case of Blizzard made a thing way easier, then they decided it was too easy, so made it only just easier. If I was Blizzard I’d put it back in LFR then never put the raid mount in anything but heroic again. That way they don’t have to deal with the toxic fan base that looks their gift horse in the mouth.

I was really surprised at how insightful he was on this topic. I fully expected him to be on the “git gud” side of things.

And taking the Slime Cat completely out of the equation, I have always had that opinion when it comes to trash in raids which is why Onyxia, the two dragon raids under Wyrmrest, Trial of the Crusader and other raids like that were some of my favorites. I remember falling asleep at my keyboard during Classic and TBC raids because they took so damn long.

These are counter arguments to each other. Because if normal is actually easier than LFR then the cat shouldn’t be in Normal either.

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This is only the case of how they are conventionally run, not the actual difficulty. It was quite the steamroll when my guild did LFR early on for completing our 4 sets. You’ve made a dishonest comparison and I believe you know it. Karazhan doesn’t have a determination buff either.