Raiding and Guild Resources (5.2) - Korgath

(Quintn) #104
Your Name: Violet Tragan
Faction: Alliance
Additional Contact Names : Prewett, Showbizz, Tidehunter, Hitane
Schedule of Content: Progression Raid (Heroic and Mythic) Tues&Wed 7:45 - 11
Loot Distribution System: Loot Council
Raid Size: 10+ (Heroic) / 20 (Mythic)
Raid Type: Dedicated guild progression
Individual Class Requirements : Viable Off-Spec if your class has one.
Voice Chat: Discord
Age Range: 20 - 40

(Nyreeh) #105
Your Name: Dementis
Faction: Alliance
Contact Names: Nyreeh, Paszun, Ruhkouri
Schedule of Content: Tues and Wed 7:30 - 10pm Server Time
Loot Distribution System: Personal Loot
Raid Size: 20+
Raid Type: AOTC group
Voice Chat: Discord
Age Range: mid 20 - 40 (Mature - no kids here)