<raiders of the lost orc> recruiting

Friday 25 mans with Saturday clean-up if necessary. Invites go out at 8:00 server, with the first pull at 8:30 server time, Loot: MS > OS +1(possibly returning to DKP), and shards for SM have already been decided.

We plan on moving into semi-hardcore for Cataclysm looking to clear 25-man raids while maintaining a fun & friendly community. We are looking to fill out some remaining spots for our 25-man raid team. We are currently 11/12 ICC and could use some help to get LK down.

Currently Recruiting: resto druid, holy pally, feral druid, ranged dps

All exceptional players of any class are still encouraged to reach out, casual or more hardcore players are welcome! We expect raiders to be actively working on gear including having applicable gems, and enchants (we provide consumables). Raiders are also expected to signup for raids in discord, log in on time and know the fights.

If this sounds like a good fit for you please reach out to our officers via discord or in-game.

Trolalala (Gm/raid leader)
Lindrilei (officer/loot master)

Any information about yourself and your toon would be much appreciated in your message! We look forward to raiding with you!