RAIDERS, are you looking forward to season four?

Are you looking forward to raiding in season four?

What are you looking forward to most during this short (experimental) season?

Making raids relevant to run again is always nice. We spent most of SL ignoring raid gear until late Mythic which most of us will never see.

That said, Fated raids seem very anti-alt. I can’t imagine running my alts through heroic / mythic raids every week. That’s way too time consuming.

It all depends on how they tune the raid difficulties. This is the biggest variable for me right now.

Don’t really have any interest in old content personally, I know a couple friends want to experiment with the new season. You’re gonna have a lot of gear options and that part seems pretty fun.

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No. Would have preferred that season 3 continue so we wouldn’t have to rush through and add extra raid days to complete it on time.

Or that season 3 continue to the end but season 4 run concurrently, like they did with Trial of Valor & Nighthold, back in Legion.

We were just doing Sanctum 5 months ago. Like… we just did this raid. I don’t know anybody who wants to do it again.

Also, removing the non-Fated raid options (which they’re doing in a few weeks, according to Blizzard) is going to remove the traditional low-stress mount farming that people do at the end of an expansion. Once all raids are fated, you can’t even farm the current expansion’s mounts unless you’ve been regearing in the fated raids (or M+) to replace the gear you already got from those raids.

(And for those who missed it…)

They’re removing non-Fated versions of the raids.


No Sylvanas Bow sold by Ta’choso, but So’turu does sell the Jailer’s gravel…

They also sell all other high ilvl weapons with effects, like Sylv’s and Rygelon’s daggers, and Ke’thuzad’s swords.

Way to crap on hunters; specifically on ranged hunters… because Survival still gets the valkyrie polearm.


Please, add the bow. Why was it ever removed from the vendors?

I’ll raid enough to get the slime cat, and maybe the title. Then back to M+ when my friends need me, and other games the rest of the time.

I didn’t enjoy the raids for the most part the first time around, a second time is just going to reaffirm that.

1: it was never on the vendors to begin with, so it wasn’t removed.
2: It wasn’t added because it is classified as a legendary and not an epic.

Hopefully getting the stupid mythic Sanctum shoulders.
I always lost out on the loot when the raid was current.

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Of the four raiders I know, they are all taking breaks until DF. They seem uninterested in Raider+

I think the buffs from doing the affix right will prob make the raid a joke. Soooo basically this is free loot season I’m guessing.

No, not really.

I think it’s gonna be a total zerg fest and mostly just adding a bigger rotation of bosses to try and parse on every week with unlimited gear, so yeah kinda.

In terms of like, an actual progression raid, I just don’t think that’s what it will be so I’m not looking at it like that. I see it as just expanding the farm cycle, not adding another prog one

With these changes I don’t know if they’re going to revert it come SL or not.

I hope they do, though.

My aotc guild group isn’t doing season 4 and I don’t see myself pugging it. We’ll see how much I want a higher level aegis…

need to test apps somehow

the novelty will wear off very fast

Nope. Not at all. As a raider I was planning to just get the KSM mount, and do LFR for the Slime Cat. Now that I can’t do LFR for Slime cat I am frustrated and annoyed. I have been on a raiding break, most people aren’t coming back for season 4, and I don’t want to have to pug raids… So honestly, I am annoyed by the whole system. I want to enjoy Dragonflight, but I feel burnt out so without relaxing and taking a break I wont be as into getting back on the grind train come a new expansion, heck maybe I wont even buy it.

Not really. We’re just going to be doing the old raids with new mechanics.

I’ll get a new mount and higher ilvl gear. Nothing special about it.

Regardless if we got a new season or not, I’d be raiding with the gang anyway. So it would be between doing these fated raids vs just running the current raid on different alts. I’m not even sure which is more enticing.

I’m pretty sure an epic version of the bow was in the vendor when i checked out the PTR like a month ago.

It wasn’t when I checked, which was back when they 1st appeared on the PTR

Let’s hope they add it back before Tuesday