Raid team looking for possible merge?

Hey All

Insurrection an alliance guild on the Ravencrest server that raids Fri and Sun 7-10 central time is in need of a few options. We have 6 raid spots open. One Healer, 4 Melee Dps, and 1 Ranged Dps

We are looking for a group or guild that would love to merge into us or even if we just stayed in your guild but raided with us each week from another server that is fine as well.

We will take individuals as well. We are a very laid back group that works well together, likes to talk strategy and we have NO DRAMA. If we wipe for 3 hours on a boss so be it we keep trying until we get it.

If this sounds like a good fit for you or your team please hit me up on battlenet at Forsaken#12627
We are now 5/8 H but still looking we have about 7 to 8 spots open