Raid Strategies

So I am aware you can find many of these online already. However, I plan to be centralizing them for my guild. I am creating a huge up to date “compendium” with all raid strategies etc for the vanilla bosses. I am going to be working on it a bit this week. Have any interesting strategies or tips you want to share? Let me know!


I can’t believe I get to be the one to say, “Don’t stand in the fire.”


On most encounters there is the 1 main strategy that is tried and true and then there are certain bosses (baron geddon) that have an alternate strategy but that is risquier but also easier in another sence. I remember that for Nefarian we found a brand new way to handle phase 1 that made it so much simpler than standing by both doors.

I’m sure I’ll be looking up guides, it’s been way too long for me to remember anyone but baron geddon who’s strat was super simple… I think. I miss though when it was all new and guides either weren’t out or weren’t widely know about. Running in and just figuring it out, sometimes one guildy having heard something to help was fun. Those days at least are definitely gone though, and not even classic can bring them back.

Reduce the bosses hit points to zero while making sure at least one player in your raid team has more than zero hit points.

Works every time!


We used to say “Don’t stand in X”.

I’m building a whole guide section section for Vanilla. Still lots of work to go.

here’s the greatest raid strad in the game: 40 warlocks with soulstone. Boom

I suppose this is as good as place as any to list off some of the more “unique” strategies.

Pet Pulling and Kiting General Drak in UBRS
The first “raid” in Vanilla WoW was the 15-man UBRS (may have been changed to 10-man during late Vanilla), and a common strategy would be to have a hunter pull the boss with Eyes of the Beast to manually guide his pet, pull Drak ALL the way into “The Beast’s” room, and kit Drak around the perimeter until the hunter died for one reason or another (or a smart Feign Death before actually biting it). Hopefully, by the time the Hunter was down (or faking it), the adds beside Drak would be down and the rest of the raid could go to town on the boss proper.

Terrain-Pathing Exploits or "Mobs don’t jump"
This is more of a “solo” strategy than a raid one, but could be handy in a pinch. Mobs can’t jump, so if you leap from one piece of geometry to another without causing an Evade-bug-out, the mob will run to the nearest “ramp” which would would allow them to reach you… jump back, and they go back the other way. Obviously only really works with melee mobs & bosses (quite a few of them), and depends on other factors like location. Allowed many a clever player to solo enemies they shouldn’t have. Works best with Hunters and Warlocks.

Come to think of it, this is a good place to show the videos:

The video below is from TBC (and the boss chained to prevent it from happening again), but a good example of how it works in concept:

Wiping with Style
Pretty much anyone can do this, but things are going south, make them REALLY go south. AoE fears are great for this.

Or just avoid the guides all together and figure it out on your own. It’s much more fun that way. My opinion anyway.


Lucifron; have all your melee sit very far back and stay out of combat of the fight. Break up your casters into 2 groups and form a triangle with a tank at each group of casters, and the main tank and Lucifron at a point. When Lucifron hits 30%-40%, maybe even 50%, depending how good your melee is, have your melee run in (pop greater arcane potions before you pull the boss, then again during the push to kill him) pop all their cooldowns, and own him.

Sometimes people mess this up, or you lose some bodies, but it is one of the funniest ways to kill the boss. Straight Valhalla.