Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

Since you pay 14.99 per month you’re also entitled to free mythic raid loot right? Why shouldn’t you, you’re paying 14.99?

Treated as second hand citizens, literally.


They could have just not responded to anything at all.
Its much harder to feel ignored when blizzard staff arent making it painfully obvious they read all the complaints but replied to something else.


Yeah I guess its time we stop paying them, since our money isn’t as good as someone who’s done Mythic Jailer or ran a +25 key.

I’m sure the game - developers, overhead, and all - will be sustained by those players alone.


Fair enough. Or open a seperate thread i suppose (dunno if one was opened. Im currently just camping this thread here)

Oh i feel ignored by default man #euforumproblems

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It would be nice if we could at the very least get a “I see your complaints and I’m passing them off to the devs” so we don’t feel like we’re yelling into the void. We have very limited time to undo this change if that is even possible.


There’s always an AOTC, there’s always a mythic mount, there’s always a M+ mount and those are still available in season 4 for the raiders.

Making the slime cat available in LFR is a choice they made, that didn’t need to be… It has said for months that it was obtainable on all difficulties as it should be. The fact it’s a short season and will be unobtainable makes it even worse.

Even through LFR it would have taken minimum of 3 weeks to get. Absolutely 0 reasons to make it normal+ when LFR is a raid difficulty and the players that run it are paying the same sub price…


Yeah their reply was linking the thread they made where they posted the notes.
So it is a bit wth that they came back on this thread to mention it. Just casually ignoring everyone theyve upset.

Its why i come here and not there any more.
Not for blizzard though.
Here is the place to be if you want the forums to move at a reasonable pace.

100% would not be surprised if they are having a few panicked calls over the text of the achievements right now too. That said it’s an easy fix IMO: Just say “Ooops we mis-communicated it really does include LFR and the achievement text is correct” but what do I know /shrug


I agree that this might not have been the smartest move.

Or my discord if you want to rant freely. Even if youre currently inactive.

Mhh. Im still at home on EU.

The people that design this game would be more than happy to cater entirely to the couple thousand people that are in high end Mythic guilds. They legit don’t care unless you fit that mold of player. Ask yourself when Blizzard last designed ANYTHING unique for LFR content. Any and all design efforts are funneled into mythic.

I was fine with Blizz, until today, I’m rethinking my agreement to pay them for their services that bait and switch me. I thought they were on the right path to proper communication, as ION even made a big deal to mention several times over his recent interviews.


Im sure ill be back soon.
I only recently started using the forums again.
It was a lot less until tonight that much is for sure haha

Clark you are an ok person at times but really stick a sock in it . This is a bad decision and you know it.

Some of us have a hard time outside of lfr for various reasons be it anxiety or some of us getting a little older and our reflexes aren’t what they used to be making organized raiding harder.

Should people in those catagories not be given something for their time like a simple mount in a throw away season like season 4 ?


That’s terrible. Since casuals are usually the mount farmers.


But he did voice an opinion. He voiced support for it, saying he hopes “friendship” carries pop up for the slime cat because that’s apparently a good thing instead of making it available for more people.


There is a difference in saying what you liked in the past and hope to return and flat out saying (even if most of us think that. Including me.) that this choice of removing it from LFR is utter beeeeep.

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Except they’ve been crapping on the vast majority of raiding guilds for the last 6 years, now. Maybe you haven’t bothered reading any of the posts or threads, but raiding guilds (including Mythic) are NOT happy with the game.


This all great. Lots of alt friendliness.

In all fairness… they never said they were doing it well. They just said that they were de-facto designing for RWF only. Which I agree with, at the cost of casual mythic/heroic/ everything else