Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

Yes! Just have Valor be a universal currency that drops from every type of PVE content. Please stop with all these different currencies.


Leaving legendaries at 291 ilv is a terrible idea.

How is making legendaries your lowest ilv piece inkeeping with the fact they are LEGENDARIES.

Please just let us upgrade their ILV with cosmic flux/Valor/Dinar.


So if you don’t raid or do dungeons, there is absolutely no new content for you in S4? Very strange.


That sucks. Just boost 291 to something like 321. Solved problem…


Compared to the last time we had this, there was no new content for anyone in this window.

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Is Rae’shalare at Fated ilvls only upgradeable with the item Sylvanas drops or can we use the same item every other raid drop this season is upgraded by to upgrade it also?

Considering the messaging on not wanting to repeat the insane legendary costs of shadowlands in all of the dragonflight interviews, it seems like a strange choice to keep current legendaries at the same ilvl so that people will have to recraft them as they get better gear upgrades from fated raids in their current legendary slots. It would make more sense to hotfix the legendary ilvl to be higher than all obtainable loot in S4 so that people don’t have to re-craft and buy more wow tokens.

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Are there any plans to buff Cosmic Flux drops? The low drop-rate has been the main issue with this currency since day one - particularly for alts and non-raiders.

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That makes more sense now. Thanks!

Blizz you could have announced this 4 weeks ago, get good feedback, and make Season 4 great, but you fail. once again, over and over again.

S4 will be short, and we have done all has to be done and challenged all needs to be challenged.

Now it is time to have fun.

Just let us equip any 3rd legendary and let us do crazy stuffs.

It is ok to have people doing +99 keys, solo heroic jailer, running 5 dps or healers in keys.

We have proven ourselves in the previous 3 seasons, could we please have little fun in the 4th?

And yeah stop bringing up old dungeons, like we haven’t had enough of those stuffs back then, not fun doing old content over and over again.


Absolutely love the breadth and depth of this communication. Please continue to keep the pipes open!

If one was lucky enough to get their desired ilvl 278 trinket / weapon from the Great Vault, nerfing if post season feels extremely bad! Can you figure out a better approach (i.e. buffing the not-yet-released Season 4 trinkets / weapons)?

Having this excellent post appear a couple of weeks prior to the start of Season 4 would also be desirable in terms of whether to chosen Attendant’s Tokens of Merit since they are going away.

So the REAL WORST possible way that legendaries could be handled for this expansion. Force us to craft a legendary and on top of that the item is super outdated. Bad idea.


This all sounds like an awful lot of work for a season which ultimately has no compelling reason to play.

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I understand the legendary not increasing in rank but… I think there needs to be a look at adding a vendor/item that can sell you different rank amounts of an already crafted legendary to match with s4. This would at least give value to the lesser legendary ranks being crafted that come at a loss.

i don’t have to imagine poor game design, i can login and experience it. 100% not feeling this 0 effort S4 stuff.

Is there any chance we could have any class changes posted before the patch on Tuesday? Are there any happening other than the previously discussed nerfs to Warlock and Survival

No pvp information at all? Sadness :frowning:

So you are nerfing the hell out of my trinkets and weapons just because i already have them? That hardly seems fair.


I mean, for PVP you just go to one of the designated areas and fight other players. Why would there be any changes or information?

When is the game getting body sliders though?