Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

Is valor and conquest no longer converted to gold like it used to be? We just straight up lose it now?

Please double the honor cap or lower the upgrade costs even more. It’s weird that Honor caps at 15k when it can take almost that to upgrade one time all pieces of gear.

And yet another way for raiders to get gear but solo players still eating dust.


I still think it is a miss to do so little with the GV.

Honestly, the GV is not much better than the original BFA chest of disappointment, once you get to the point where you only need 1 or 2 items.

It also takes more effort. You clear 8 dungeons only to still get shafted by RNG. At least in BFA it was one and done for your bad luck.

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Are you purely solo? You don’t do mythics, raiding or pvping? I’m not sure what your complaint is exactly.

Why are they using Dinar, that’s the actual currency of Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, and Tunisia. The PC police gonna be mad

It’s not a matter of complaining I am just pointing out facts.
And if you dont see it how that keeps hurting the game its ok, i dont judge.

About the Sylvanas legendary bow, it’s going have some support with the Fated system?

My friends in Jordan are going to think this is a real money transaction but okay.

Will players that have portals from WOD Challenge modes (Iron Docks and Grimrail Depot) receive another set of spells on their character?

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You didn’t answer my question. If you don’t do any of those things are you never group up… for anything? What exactly do you need the gear for? Just to have? If so, how would you suggest you earn it? There isn’t much solo content because go figure you’re playing a massive multiplayer online game not a single player game. The solo content that does exist is trivial like quests and doesn’t require high gear.

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No Valor cap is huge.

It doesn’t perfectly offset the fact that it will be literally impossible to fully gear through M+ as we will be limited to presumably 11 weeks worth of Vault rewards before the season is over, but it helps what would otherwise be a very bad situation.

WTB information on Sylvanas bow

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what if i dont raid?

do i get a currency to buy bis weapons and trinkets, from say, m+ ?

i’d very much like to be able to buy a Ruby after killing, say, 30 m+ bosses? then upgrade it with more kills at higher keys?

is there something else in s4 ?? is this it???

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There is no ruby in Season 4, just an FYI.

Are there any plans to bring Millhouse Manastorm back in any capacity in the lore in the 10.0 patch y/n?

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Yeah it’s just an experiment on their end while they have us chase after unused SL seasonal assets that just can’t be released for like 10 years (if ever).

How Season 4 great vault works? Items rewards shadowlands dungeons or “old” dungeons?

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Bleh. All I read was [something something convoluted system because we refuse to just let bosses drop gear tokens like in the past]. My eyes glazed over.

Just tell us what we actually want to know. Where da slime kitty at?

Nathria has weapon tokens on vendors, currently in game right now with lfr at 265, mythic at 304.