Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

The whole mythic raid upgrade shard thing seems counter to how mythic progression actually works which is lockout extensions.

Which means very low boss kill count.

As someone who recently swapped main spec.
As a rogue Outlaw, Edge of night it is mandatory, but when comes to sub, it is must have x2 + Xymox trinket.
Even being a hard piece of gear (Daggers) and being the only spec which uses dagger, most of us will choose x2 + Xymox trinket, now that I’ve rolled for a new main spec (Prot paladin) even being way more focused M+, rather than my rogue which I’ve chased CE, since scale trinket won’t be Useful anymore with Bulwark SoD trinket, Sylvanas OWS, 3 tokens shall be a perfect amount, but unfair for my rogue.
but it isn’t a bad system, I think upgrade system shall be a success for future, and raid tokens maybe exist with 3 choices, but old raids shall scale with old ILV, system start working right after valor cap get removed, otherwise would be Soo easy to gear up first few days. Couldn’t be 10/20/30? and M+ Gear will upscale too?

This game will improve when they stop caring soooooo much about how fast I gear for my 15 dollars. They will never be able to estimate the value of my time and should stop trying. If I happen to gear too fast I will simply play an alt. Just another manipulation of time instead of focusing on making that time engaging and fun. They would rather have it on the edge of frustration.

Not happening. Blizz is competing with companies that have in game cash shops with more than mounts. The game runs on paid carries, their entire loot structure is designed around disguising that we have the hardest walled paid player power in the entire MMO industry. Every single change they make to the game is dancing around not disturbing the paid carry market. Even the strategic way they banned huokan, no one noticed that they simply moved out of trade chat and went back to spamming group finder with hijacked piloted accounts? Huokan was making a huge mess of a52 and illidan chat and making Blizz look like idiots. Blizz needed plausible deniability without losing that revenue stream. If you want a sensible loot system, WoW is not the option and never will be.


I can’t wait to buy 3 very specific items as a warrior main and have literally zero choice in this maximum 3 items “bonus loot” vendor system.

if jaithys, gavel and old warrior’s soul are options then the 3 tokens are not an option for a warrior. those are the bis items and those will be what is chosen.

Well, unless one of them drops before you get all 3 tokens.

I think this is kind of the point?

Since trinkets and weapons are the primary important slots (it’s sad how bad and formulaic gear has become) you are guaranteed to get them if they don’t drop for you after a bit.

This is the stupidest idea I ever heard. You give so many way to upgrade gear , then just leave one 1 gear difficulty and the other for cosmetics and achievements.

Having only 3 of again “brand new” currency is stupid. That is not what players meant having “raid vendor” , raid vendor was something like M+ vendor where you can buy pieces of gear for certain currency, the whole expansion.

This is just another addition to hard core raiding, and I think it’s enough with progressive and hard core raiding. We need something accessible. This system will just encourage even more paid services and communities.

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SMF Deadge

This doesn’t really solve the gearing imbalance between Raiding and M+ for anyone running Heroic Raids and under.

It’s great for Mythic Raiders who want more ways to get specific items and I get Blizzard’s rationale behind the different currency levels but for the vast majority that run Heroic and not Mythic how is this supposed to entice them to stay subbed until DF?

Is this Blizz trying to lure those AOTC Guilds to dabble in Mythic Raiding? I assume there’s going to be Guilds that try to kill the first couple of Mythic Bosses each week to farm for Mythic upgrade currency but that sounds pretty tedious.

They’re always trying to do this. It’s pretty well known that for the most part people who raid with a guild stay subbed to the game, and converting players with a concrete end-date of stopping into players who play a patch indefinitely until the next one is $$$ for Blizzard.

I mean… that’s the way raiding used to work. Extend culture is relatively new in the grand scheme of things. Back in the day, getting more gear was the way content got soft-nerfed. You would only ever really extend near the very end of a raid.

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True but as usual I think Blizz is making things more complicated than they need to. I would have preferred to open up Valor to more upgrades and be sourced from all types of content.

Well that’s the problem, Why those heroic guilds doesn’t change to Mythic?

Is that a roster issue caused by 20 man requirement?

Could be anything. Most often it’s a roster issue that’s helped by pugging which is obviously not a solution until the HoF. If Mythic had flexible sizes like Heroic and Normal you’d likely see many more Guilds at least dabbling in Mythic.

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Extend culture is due to both raids being much more mechanically complicated that re-kills for many guilds aren’t guaranteed along with “strong enough” gear from mythic+ that they don’t really need the early boss loot.

Its a side effect of multiple gearing paths.

Which is what it is because multiple gearing paths is good for the playerbase as a whole.

I’ve been more in favor recently of mythic not even dropping gear and capping the game at heroic level item levels for both raids and mythic+. Let mythic be for bragging rights where you mainly want to just progress and kill each boss once for achievements and cosmetics.


How again would that encourage re-clears over extending? It seems it would push extending even harder.

I don’t care about re-clears and extending. I care about having the different gearing paths be more balanced but if Heroic drops could be upgraded of course players would be willing to re-clear earlier Bosses for thier drops.

I agree with what you said here…

More gearing options is good for everyone but currently for any player not in a real Mythic Guild it’s do your 1,4,8 15’s a week and pray to baby jesus.

Same here, got a few pieces I want to fill out just for transmog reasons. Wonder if its possible to just get a vendor that sells transmog stuff that we may have missed?

They see elites leaving and they do something to try to entice them to stay. They don’t really think anyone below that level matters.

It’s a belief that elites use to flatter themselves. I’ve never been in a raiding guild (not as a raider of course) where raiders weren’t unsubbing and taking breaks to play other games between tiers or after the last raid is over. And if casuals have things to do, they keep doing those things.

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