Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

This all sounds awesome, only downside I really see is only being able to get 3 pieces of gear for the entire season, meaning you have to pick one spec to focus on while your tank or healing spec has to do the normal rng grind. Still a really cool idea thought to target pieces and actually upgrade it over time!


Are mythic and heroic upgrade shards going to be 2 different items? Or is it going to be the same item and you just need more to make it mythic quality?

Thanks for the open communication about this! Excited to try it out. Will the M+ gear be the same in the next season?


The fact you didn’t reference version 1.0 of gear acquisition, or the Wotlk model which other people seem to think was the “best” version utterly undermines your point. I think it’s great that they’re using the usually completely dead time to try variations on what the game could be.

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Blizzard designed their own game and we got forced PL which they’re trying to move away from, RNG conduits which they have moved away from, pruning which they have moved away from, borrowed power systems which they are moving away from…

It’s like the game gets better for everyone when the design is more collaborative. Like it is in S4 and will be in Dragonflight


I really like this. While the questline coins I’m iffy on remaining for future seasons, the upgrade shards should absolutely be something to keep going forward. One thing I am curious about with said shards is if they’ll only drop in Fated raids, or just any Shadowlands raid (hopefully the latter, it would be a great way to keep older content relevant).

RIP people who play multiple specs on hybrid classes :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


My first WoW-expansion was MoP.

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Will SotFO AotC and CE achievements still be attainable in Season 4, with the new affix mode in raids being additional content? Or is the new raid format a replacement for the existing raid and respective achievements?

What about for classes/specs that dual wield weapons? My DH has to then decide between a second weapon or a second trinket to “buy” from a vendor whereas other specs/classes can get one of each. Obviously my bad luck would be truly awful to never see a weapon or trinket to round out the 4 slots, but it still seems a bit lopsided. Not sure how this could be best addressed beyond giving everyone a way to earn a 4th Puzzling token.


What token system? there was no token system in wod…

Seems ok overall. But I think the kill counts are too high on that token stuff, especially considering it’s older content at this point. Also the upgrade bits should drop at the difficulty below it, not the same level. That’s not going to help anyone progress much if any if it’s not a true upgrade. Make normal drop heroic bits, heroic drop mythic, and mythic can have maybe 1.5x shard drops for mythic but a bit faster.

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Yeah, would be nice if it was spec specific instead of just 3 overall no matter what. But hey that’s what this testing is for you never know.

Thought: the hard limit of 3 seems to greatly favor those who only require 1 weapon. Is there a way to perhaps make it 6 coins, and 1H items take 1 coin and 2H weapons and trinkets require 2?


They did that hard core to the point it made the pop vanish & zero’d some servers. Now that we finally have them looking at the wow forums lets just take the moment to enjoy it (some of it atleast :wink:.

Vanilla - MoP was the golden days minus the removal of stats, customization and rpg elements. However after the prunes of classes in WoD I about had it than removal of World Defense in legion made me quit subbing on a unhealthy level and now I come back in doses to try and find a way to enjoy the game again.

(This is mainly speaking as a No Life Wpvp player/Casual PvE point of view at

I hope to see a Wpvp Set for Warmode. That would be sick give those players a reward system and mounts and exclusives etc.

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I have ALWAYS wanted a system like this (or what im understanding) where you can:

Put in the time and work you want and incrementally be rewarded. Small increases of power if thats the time you can afford. Everyone will cap out eventually in both the old and new systems, but this system let’s people play their way and eventually feel rewarded even if it’s small.

But there must be a pvp gear equivalent. Away with the gating of gear. People who struggle shouldn’t have to be stuck heroic geared, they should still be able to play and grow and eventually try mythic (key word eventually). There’s too many reasons and discussions why this should have been a system from the get go. Wow has a LOT to do in it, and this would allow me to personally try other things, focus on other things, and prevent me from being stuck and just giving up because it’s more of a job than a game.

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“Respectively” makes me think they’re 2 different items. Which makes sense - you gotta do the content for the rewards at that level.


I felt the same way - especially since there’s an inbalance to the number of specs per character.

Dragons and DH’s get an advantage and Druids and/or multi-role classes are at a disadvantage.


I couldn’t even get halfway through this post. Systems upon systems upon systems. Systemlands, more systems, always and forever just implementing more convoluted systems.


I like it but I think 3 is too little.

I like the idea of 3 per Raid. Having kills is fine too and the 30/20/10 also makes sense. This way you can guarantee weapon(s) or 1 or 2 trinkets. Really good idea but I think the cadence is too little?