Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

I’m totally here for a system with deterministic loot to make bad luck a little less impactful, but having a finite number of chances on top of loot RNG seems like it would feel bad. It isn’t hard to imagine spending your token on the Jailer mace just to see it drop the next week, and you’ve now lost a third of your chances for Fated loot.

I think I’d rather something like getting a token every 3 weeks without a limit, but have the items be Fated and have a unique-equipped Fated (2) modifier on them like crafted 262s. This would have the added benefit of not punishing people who have to play multiple specs. It keeps the Fated items valuable as a mitigation for bad luck without having the potential negative of feeling like you wasted a token for an item that dropped. It also increases the value of the Fated items because of the option to upgrade them with shards.

It could be an interesting system for crafting in Dragonflight as well. Instead of having the Broker, let crafters get drops that enable them to craft raid pieces and tag them with a unique-equipped modifier like we have now. Having the raids drop recipe books that teach the recipes would be awesome, then have the raid drop soulbound materials for crafting pieces so that someone can use the work order system to get a piece crafted.

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Omg shut up lmao. You’re moving goal posts. We were talking about a vendor system.

Kiwi said:

We’d still be earning that gear. Yet you immediately go to:

its literally them adding a gear vendor my dude, how is this them NOT listening to players and change?

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Whichever boss (Valinor, Mortanis, Oranomonos, and Nurgash) is naturally up on a Fated Nathria week will be boosted. They’re all considered the Fated World Boss with regards to the fact that they were designed as companions to the raid Castle Nathria (though Nurgash is absolutely closer to home!)

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These changes sound cool! So far the only.thinf I’d like to see changed as someone who does mostly heroic and m+ is being able to get mythic shards in some form, even if very slow. Would love to get excited about raid trinkets/weapons instead of using the same dungeon ones for the 4th season.

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again literally just being able to buy your BIS 1-2 peices a week means you are full BIS in 3 weeks, that is insane.

Are you all considering things like the anduin priest and dk rings to be available on the dinar system or are those going to be luck if you get one on a fated week?

That makes sense! Thanks for the clarification :smiley:

Yeah, so what’s the solution to that if you only want to do those 3 things and gearing too fast isn’t a problem? Infinite item level scaling so we get gear upgraded 1500 ilvls in an expansion? Drop a new raid and dungeon set every single month with a ilvl step?

At some point it isn’t sustainable and they can only produce so much. I don’t even disagree with the fact that gearing is entirely too slow right now, but there is absolutely a point at which you obtain gear so fast you can’t keep the game fresh and interesting if all you want is the next item level upgrade. Its bound to get stale eventually and you can’t just produce an infinite amount of raids and dungeons to keep you on the treadmill.

It has to either full stop somewhere reasonable, or it has to be slowed down to give you a reason to do it more than once if gear level is all you care about. Otherwise you get WoW’s cranky community complaining that they can’t have two diametrically opposing things at the same time.

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To YOU, maybe. We would still have to EARN that gear. You haven’t even stepped into heroic on that toon. That’s not our problem, like what???

Gear is a means to an end. Getting full BiS in 3 weeks is not an issue.

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Make more dungeons and raids. Fill them with tons of crazy impressive cosmetics. People love cosmetics. That content won’t die.

Have you factored in Dinars for hybrid classes that need essentially at least 3 partial sets of gear for each role?

If someone multi-specs paladin for example they’re in for quite the insane gearing journey as it is. You need players to be able to flex roles for raid and while the Dinar system actually sounds amazing, I can see players feel it’s value diminished when they already have a daunting gearing process.


Coolio, and what does that matter? I stopped raiding cause I have to focus on my career more then raiding, but I still put in time for M+ and raiding when I can.
Idk why that discredits my point of people should not just be able to get guaranteed BIS in 3 weeks by literally just killing random bosses.

I’ve been playing wow since 2005 with my brother, and about 2009 if i remember correct on my own account, I don’t have the time these days to no life, I have videos to make, so like what does it matter?

Since we are effectively going to be using the same gear (just upgraded) through the next season can you please fix the issue of some leggos only being available on tier slots (looking at Shaman’s Tidal Core on helm gloves only as an example)? You fixed the issue with domination sharts and they were tossed after only 1 season. How about adding rings, belt, wrist, or neck to those tier-slot-only leggos?


Look forward to this should be alot of fun.

Because you insist on telling other people (who actually do the content) how long they should have to wait to get the stuff they want, when you’re not even doing that content. It’s none of your business, yeah?

I don’t care if you’ve done it in the past. You aren’t doing it now. So just back up out the way. I’m not saying you shouldn’t comment at all, but don’t ever try to tell me how I should earn rewards.

Again, gear is a means to an end. Mythic raiders are not raiding for gear.

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So presumably, most mythic raiders would aim for bis weapons or bis trinkets - so my question is, what about dual wielding DPS? They would theoretically spend two tokens on their weapons, let’s say a windwalker monk wants 2 285 Cruciform Veinripper, and also wants to have two 285 trinkets that would be insanely bis for him. Other classes would technically benefit because classes like (warlocks, mages, etc) that can wear a staff would be able to get 1 285 weapon, and two 285 bis trinkets. I just feel like a lot of players won’t be happy having to give up specific items that is good for their class/spec due to the limit on the tokens. Is there anything that could maybe happen to change this?


Sounds like a good reason to remove gear from mythic raids.


lol ok so lets force PVPers in Raiding and complelty invalidate M+
cause meanwhile while those take a decent amount of time to BIS
Lets make raiding take only 3 weeks.
Yeah quick way to kill every other gameplay style by FORCING everyone into raiding, cause if it only takes 3 weeks to gear in raid, meanwhile the rest take on average about 10, then you have just killed everything but raiding when it comes to gear progression.

Also yes, MANY mythic raiders are raiding for gear, because they like they WANT to acheive BIS, they want to have the best gear possible, to be able to preform above and beyond everyone else, both in their actual parses, and in their simple number beside their name.

to say mythic raiders dont mythic raid for the gear is hilariously untrue.

Also i want to point out i am doing the content, i full cleared on normal, i fully cleared the raid, not on the higher difficulties true, but the absolute level of egotistical behavior and absolute gatekeeping here is appalling.

"So just back up out the way. I’m not saying you shouldn’t comment at all, but don’t ever try to tell me how I should earn rewards."

Cause you are literally telling ME how i should earn rewards, while telling me i should NEVER tell you how to.

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I’d have no issues with that. Since they won’t have spend time working out that scaling, they can make more dungeons and raids. They can go with my idea:

They can make dope stuff like Onyxias lair again. One boss in a simple, but cool area.

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