Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

Good news, but do you have a source for this?

For the most part this is true, but Cataclysm vendors did have raid items on the Valor vendor I believe, and WotLK had them on the badge vendors, though I can’t quite remember if it was non-current items only or not. Its been a while. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

They’re out of ideas.

They can’t give players what they want so they have to find different ways to chop it up.

“Too much” gear isn’t a problem lmfao.

Jesus freaking Christ… Don’t listen to anyone who says this Blizzard, please.


Its a overcomplicated way of instead just baseline increase drop rates and uncapping currencies

The key thing people are missing here is that is just a new capped system but the direction of the game needs to go towards uncapped systems


I realize that you are just doing your job, but man…I do not envy you right now having to deliver even more down sides with each post. I’m sorry your superiors threw you to the wolves. lol

Additional concern around the upgrading process:

Most Mythic guilds have to run rosters of over 20 to account for real life and the requirement to have exactly 20 raiders for Mythic. This means anyone sat for any boss for any reason, even if it’s just the normal roster rotation for the sake of keeping all raiders involved, is losing out on upgrade tokens.

This is in addition to the challenges of coordinating rosters around maximizing and distributing Great Vault slots.

Will there be any affordances to account for this?

I agree with this but every time gear has been “too” easily obtainable in past, rabid mobs form saying they’ve milked the content dry too quickly and there’s “nothing to do,” even when there’s plenty to do, just nothing that lets you keep climbing the gear treadmill infinitely.

Edit: This is specifically to say that I kind of don’t blame Blizzard if they want to iterate on gear acquisition slowly instead of opening the flood gates. They definitely slowed down gearing WAY too much, but I think they’ve got a vested interest in keeping the raging forum mobs from finishing gearing in a week then complaining they have nothing else to do just because their gear peaked.

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Because Shadowlands is a dead expansion and it’s better for them to test things now than in Dragonflight. It’s a very good thing that the devs are open to change and are thinking outside of the box.


I’m not a raider, so take my feedback with a grain or two of salt, but I agree with others here this sounds like a recipe for buyer’s remorse. EG, getting a drop after spending a coin, or having to change specs because a healer decided to take a break until 10.0

Again, I have no skin in the proverbial game, but this gives me flashbacks to the “conquest schedule” in BfA where one might take a trinket from the one-time quest reward, only to have it drop in the next arena. Felt real bad.

If the idea is to throttle acquisition via coins, how about some sort of repeatable version of the quest after the first three coins? Even if the required kills were higher than the initial quest, it would allow players to continually work towards something.


If anything this shows they are NOT open to change and outside of the box thinking. I couldn’t have typed that with a straight face.

They had raid item level equivalent (what would be normal/heroic now, not mythic) items.

Not the actual loot table items like Deathbringer’s Will, etc.

People say that because that “plenty to do” is stuff that doesn’t interest us. Most of us only play for endgame things (PvP, M+, and Raids)

Blizzard isn’t making enough dungeons and raids that are interesting. The same 8 dungeons for a year and then we only get 2 more??? Terrible.

I do because that means the game is trash. WoW can’t stand on it’s own merit. You wanna keep doing the same thing? Fine. Blizzard will continue to lose players.

Fair point, forgot about that caveat, though I remember now. Thanks for the correction.

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Well first off maybe read the blue post literally a couple lines above you?
Second off they spoke about it awhile back when they announced the fated raid system.

Will there be any item level upgrade for Sandworn Relic gear in Season 4? What about the cypher gear?


too much gear isnt a problem? really now?
So if we logged onto the game day 1 and just got dumped an entire set of BIS mythic that would be fine?
Cause as you said “Too much gear isnt a problem”

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Baseline increased drop rates fixes literally nothing, this is why you are not a dev.

Something dropping 5% of the time, and it now dropping 10% of the time does not fix the fact it still is RNG and you could still go weeks or months without getting it.

a literal gear vendor fixes that.

Ah, cool. The new blue post didn’t show on my phone

Would you mind elaborating a bit more please? The reason I ask is because I assume that Nurgash Muckformed would be for Nathria’s Fated week, and Mor’geth would be for Sanctums week, and Antros for Sepulchers week. But that weeks Valinor, Mortanis, and Oranomonos. Are those three going to be on the same week as Nurgash or how will they be set?

Also, I really hope that you guys decide to change your decision on only 3 tokens for the season. It’s the last ‘patch’ of the expansion, pull the cord like you did with BFA Season four where every class had too much corruption that their class literally was not designed to ever have. Let us have some fun.