Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

unless people unsubscribe and the game starts facing a real income disaster, they won’t change anything.

If people continue to subscribe and play the system as they designed it, and they can show the investors a fat profit report at the end of the quarter/year.

They were successful.

They literally can’t understand anything besides math and spreadsheets.

So you want us in full BIS in… 3 weeks?

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Or they could bring M+ rewards down to earth so they stop being the most over-rewarding system in the game’s history.


Will this be happening to pvp gearing as well? Introduce wild battleground/arena/wpvp daily or weekly challenges to get special upgrade tokens. Some challenges can be something similar to pvp achievements like getting a certain amount of Honor Kills, win streaks, kill streaks, win a game without dying, kill 10 healers, etc. You can make killing the opposing faction’s leader a weekly event that gives a special gear reward.

So many small changes could be done to spice up pvp.

You only use 3 pieces of gear?
You only play one spec?
You only play 1 character?

Hey folks, will get to some responses soon but I’ve edited the main body to reflect something that was missing, which is to say:

Unique means killing the same boss during that same week won’t give credit - killing the Tarragrue on Normal and Heroic in the same week will only give 1 kill. This means the soonest a player could get all 3 Dinars is week 6 at the earliest, not weeks 1-3 as some have speculated. Sorry for the confusion!


We should be able to get a coin week 1 and then 1 coin every week after. A single piece of gear once per week that we have control over is not asking much. In fact, it’s overdue.


Appreciate the honesty, but…this doesn’t make it any more appealing. lol


it will be 3 weeks, then 2 weeks, then 1, kinda the point is so you dont buy an item week 1 then week 2 that item drops, its supposed to be badluck protection, not “THis is the main gearing scheme”


That… actually makes it worse, not better. A short but fun season would have been great, but it really looks like this is going to be another super long stretch without nothing better to do that get higher versions of the gear we already have.


NO! I do not like this system. its over complicated and has to many restrictions that we all know you will impliment. This system also favors the highest end guilds and will only seperate them even farther. The system now rewards them enough already. this system will only make the disparage greater.

I have raided long enough to recognize these systems already. its just doing all the things we have already done before. in bfa we have near raid quality items that we could upgrade to once we get a certain currency. its that exact same thing. and we all know that you will only be able to upgrade one or two items you will not be able to upgrade all your loot as you go up.

I do not like any of this. The vendors are half-butt and restricted. You all are not listening. you are implementing restrictions and more barriers and over complicated systems. its just too much

KISS-Keep it simple stupid


They went to a great deal of effort to create this system of rewards and upgrades, with lots of restrictions that mean it will hardly affect anyone and even most of those will get less benefit than they had hoped.

That’s how vendors are now. That’s how band-aid fixes work. If you never met a system you didn’t like, you’re probably really happy. You probably love the valor system that requires you to get an increasing amount of effort into getting the same ksm achievement each patch, by which time you don’t need the upgrades.

Call it whatever you feel the need to. I personally don’t think anybody who was asking for any sort of gear vendor or bad luck protection was thinking of something this convoluted. But if you like convoluted systems, you’re probably in heaven.


I agree but this is a post-story content patch meant entirely to satiate players until dragon flight so who cares

Easiest yes.

Lamest also yes.

I would much rather it be the main gearing scheme. The 1-2 pieces that drop from the raid are at best a bonus.

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Solves the issue of having to clear heroic, normal and mythic for the 1st 2-3 weeks to be optimal.

Yeah, well, it does a pretty poor job of that. lol


Mythic+ is super over rewarding on the low end and super under rewarding on the high end.

I feel like the entire thing just needs a step change to the right.

278 should be for 20s not 15s

Maybe even some 285 for 26s or so.

A player should look at a mythic+ key and a mid level mythic boss and say to themselves they have a close to the same chance of success on both for 278.

That is so extremely far from how the game works it’s silly.

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you are so confusing

“Super under rewarding on the high end”
“So lets make it EVEN LESS rewarding on the hgih end by making you need to do 20’s for 278 instead of 15”

first you want them to screw fury, but you also want them to fix it, now M+?


Would you be preferred they didn’t talk about it like they used to do?

That’s how old Blizzard handled things, and maybe it was better that way who knows.