Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

And many didn’t. I have a deathwing mount that took near zero effort.

And Blizzard could have told us this MONTHS ago. I personally don’t have anything against time limited stuff or even doing hard stuff for reward. I have every last one of the original mage tower skins, but I am not particularly fond of being misled. More importantly, this season could have been done with a more casual attitude and until today most people were ok with the kitty mount being LFR and suddenly they are not?

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I’d consider the mount being available in Normal raids a pretty “casual attitude”…cmon now lol

i don’t think they misled anyone personally…i would never expect a reward they want to be special or unique available in LFR or world quests…

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So there is ZERO reason to even try to do fated lfr. Cool great


Well higher tier raiders will still be doing lfr in the hopes of getting an item to drop so they can upgrade it to heroic/mythic ilvl.

1%?? Maybe if it only came from Mythic but you can get it doing Normal.

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First of all heres the whole quote. The part about about the rotation doesnt mean all raids will be fated the week of September 13. Theyre giving at least 2 months before that happens and will most likely make all raids fated the month before prepatch (probably november). This is enough of a warning.

Not at all as far as I am concerned. 30 bosses during what is arguable one of the low point in WoW population history.

What??? I have a Sanctum Gloomcharger’s Reins from LFR. I got that moth mount from one of the calling in ardenweld.


A normal that’s tuned like a Heroic+ with additional affixes to make it more difficult. A Normal where people are going to ask for 270+ ilvl to join. People who can’t do heroic raiding or Mythic + as it is now before S4 will not be able to obtain this mount. So yes. 1%.


i intentionally left out the fact that you can get mount drops in LFR, because i think that hurts your case.

there’s enough stuff you get out of LFR - gear, quests, unique transmog, mounts, etc. A unique achievement mount does not need to be included in that if you ask me. You can AFK in LFR and get literally all of that stuff…hard pass on anything like that imo

like i said - the casual audience will obtain this mount - any one complaining that it isn’t included in LFR is not in that same group imo. :100:

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The whining is insane lmao. You realize normal will be dropping 278-285 gear? I think 270 minimum is a reasonable request. These are all raids we have done. CN and SoD have the benefits of having double legendaries and tier sets. The only one that might provide a legitimate challenge is Sepulcher but thats also the most recent raid.

And it should be if you ask and we will not see eye to eye on this.

And yet this mount gets denied and we are only told on the last week before said season releases. How convenient of them to leave it out of all the blues post they made concerning season 4.


How do you know the tuning and have you even looked at the affixes?

24% of Armory toons cleared Heroic Nathria and 48% did Normal. LOL 1%

This is the kind of attitude that had droves of WoW players leave for FFXIV. FFXIV community actively wants everyone to have all the things. FFXIV community is more inclusive than whatever end goal you seem to have.

What do you have against those of use who want the game to be more inclusive? Why are you so against something being available to all? We have yet to hear your arguments against why people shouldn’t be able to get X thing yet we have all been giving you reasons as to why we think people should be able to get X thing. Please. Go one. Reveal to use your grand motivation for the way you think.


fair enough, i don’t expect everyone to see things my way or anything. Just my personal opinion.

I’m basing many of my opinions on the recent hot topics about Unobtainable items, mounts & achievements…looked to me like a large number of players have been looking forward to earning something like this for a very long time.

the fact that it was made for the Normal raid shows me that Blizzard is actually including many casual players in their end-game rewards for cool things. :revolving_hearts:

I can agree on the timing for the release of information on season 4 though - about a month overdue if you ask me. :100:

I’m still curious about these AFK LFRs that people keep going on about.


if you have details - you look at the bottom of those charts. :100:

we had to kill the Nine boss with like 9 people because of the players that couldn’t dodge the lines the other night…they didn’t even deserve the loot imo

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Do you get the Dinars in LFR. That’s the question of the day for me. If not, this is useless.

This is a terrible decision. Unfortunate that you’re electing to eliminate rewards for players with real life obligations and duties and catering to the small percentage that actively raids.

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can you stop commenting about things you clearly know nothing about. The Slime Cat mount is from an achievement; which requires you to complete all 3 raids when they are Fated on ANY DIFFICULTY. Similar to the standard achievements which require killing a raid boss on ANY DIFFICULTY. this isn’t a drop from a boss; it’s one you get from an achievement.

edit: just checked the PTR and it clearly says “on any difficulty”. good job community manager. you comment on something not knowing what you’re talking about and sent out misinformation like a pro. good job

Its a quest reward for killing fated raid bosses so one would assume you can get them yes. You can complete the ‘kill the end boss of the raid’ in lfr.

Its not like blizz would ever allow something to be completed in lfr but remove the reward from it…oh wait…

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