Raid Loot Systems

What systems are out there aside from DKP and loot council?


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I 100% prefer the regular loot system. They are really unnecessary unless you are some top end guild and every aspect of the raid needs to be optimized. I find all those additional loot systems cause extra confusion and issues into a relatively simple system put in place

DKP only worked when it was implemented right. Alot of guilds abused it.

Be careful with getting too clever regarding loot systems. It’s soooo easy to end up with serious drama and lose good players over it. Loot management is 80% about managing expectations. It doesn’t matter if you can draw charts and make good cases for why this or that person should get this or that. If people aren’t given expectations and these expectations aren’t continually reinforced, they will make their own. So your job is to try to maximize the benefit of gear to the progression of the guild, while more importantly minimizing the drama that arises from unmet expectations. You really have to be proactive about it and sitting there with a downed boss is not the time to be discussing a specific situation for the first time.

This is why some modified form of DKP is still the best. Give people easy to understand criteria for earning DKP. Then designate if any classes have priority over which items. Then let the person bidding on an item with the highest total DKP win the item. Themis eliminates most hard feelings and suspicions of favoritism or the appearance of any. People get to earn at the pace that they contribute and when an item finally does drop, there’s no mystery as to which bidder gets it. Make it easy for everyone from the smartest to the dumbest to understand on their own.

Classic is not going to require micromanaging gear to a high degree. You can do good enough with class priorities. Your raid is going to get geared up, so find the way of doing it that eliminates the most drama.reasonable people can turn into quite hurt and offended people rather surprisingly quick over pixels. Don’t risk it.


DKP FTW. Actually I heard dkp is an out of date system. Lucky for me, I’m old and slow.

Good words to live by right there Huggs. I have the “I need to pve in order to pvp” mentality and that’s somewhat shared with several of the other guild members. R14 gear is nice but raiding loot is a little easier to come by. :slight_smile:

I was hoping to put in a straight forward simple system that requires minimum upkeep. DKP and other systems similar seem to take a lot of upkeep. I was hoping to accomplish a more bring yourself and be ready mindset.

Here is what I was hoping to do or a variation of…

  • If you bring potions and flasks and on time you use /roll 100 for main spec.
  • If you don’t bring potions and flasks or late you used /roll 80 for main spec.
  • If you win a piece you cut your /roll in half for future drops. So the full buffed guy uses /roll 50 and the late/unbuffed guy uses /roll 40.
  • New raiders and pugs start at /80.

Just trying to make it casual friendly

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This sin’t a bad idea actually. Balanced and fair


Thanks. I was hoping for suggestions to improve it if possible.

I see. That’s no a bad system for pug or casual raids. I would personally put that on a macro you could spam and do a ready check to make sure everyone agrees.

My problem with this for a long term group is there is no RNG mitigation. So someone could have terrible rolls and get quite dejected, unmotivated, or resentful. It’s fair, but open to RNG beating on morale. I would advise an RNG mitigation mechanism, but hard to do that without tracking some things.

Suicide Kings works well for that but it can be cumbersome to manage for a 40 man raid. Works out extremely well for smaller raids.

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To combat that, should I lower the /roll of pugs and newbies from 80 to 60?

In a perfect world you wouldnt need pugs and would have the same group every week so rng protection would be everyone else already getting that item and you are the only one left rolling on it. But obviously in a casual atmosphere attendance will be up and down.

Gotta say. I don’t know if I would be joining a raid where my loot chances are cut by 40%.

Maybe if I was new to the guild this would be acceptable with a clear path to getting full loot chances, such as 2 weeks of being on time and fully buffed to raid. It would be more like a probationary period.

Appreciate the input. From a pugger perspective would you join one at /roll 70?

All gold is piled and items are bid on, at end gold is divided.

Wow, first off, thank you. I’ve been looking to make a semi-casual raiding guild without a complicated toll system that seemed relatively fair to everyone and I may use a sort of variation of this!

You’re welcome!

Unfortunately, it has a couple holes that Huggs pointed out. Trying to sort through them.

Master Loot

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a bit better but buffed should maybe be like a /roll 90 or 95, unbuffed a /roll 70 or 75.

Could even add the ability to earn bonus rolls such as volunteering for specific assignments (CCing adds, etc), getting in the top 5 or 10 for their roll.

One could come up with a whole book of rules just for /roll, but do you really want to do that and keep up with it?

I would say just keep it at /roll 100 and /roll 80 as a way to encourage people to buff up.

I like this but it does leave a few holes. For example, (assuming your raid is supposed to be guild-centric), i’m not a member of your guild, but have been raiding with you as a pug for 3-4 weeks. I’m always on time and I always come prepared with pots and bandages. My /roll 80 for a pug designation puts me on the same footing as a guild member who shows up late and/or is not prepared.

Another is this (unlikely scenario, but still possible): I’m a member of your guild and always prepared/ready. I win the 1st roll, and due to RNG, I also happen to win the next 2 rolls. The following week I win my 1st roll again. This can lead to some pretty upset people, 1 person winning 4 items in 2 weeks based on the whims of RNG.