Raid Finder would be a very welcomed addition to Season of Discovery Phase 2

thank you so much for your wonderful support, my friend!

glad to see you supporting dungeon finder and raid finder coming to Season of Discovery :slight_smile:

You are such a demon man i dont know how you post these things

“Hmm SOD is already an abomination how could it be made even worse?”

The lengths many are going to in order to avoid forming any social relationships at all and still clear group content are just sad.

No, we don’t need a group or raid finder. Find a group of people and play with them. Form a guild. Find a guild. Be social. That’s part of what SOD is supposed to be about.

If you don’t want to have a community, then go to retail or Wrath Classic. SOD may not be for you.

Not just raid finder but also sub tokens and the item shop

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You’re not getting GDKPs back.

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Actually this is just a test and will be revisited and reversed if needed.

Also blizzard has stated they are hesitant to restrict GDKPs because it is a form of grouping that allows players to form social bonds.


Whatever gets you through the day, friend.

Didn’t blizzard already put BiS trinkets on a vendor in game for 75g?

Also, the blue post expressly stated that the GDKP restriction is a test that will be reversed if needed.

Yea, if Blizz did thay then I would just go back to era.

Have a lovely journey back to era

You have to have already completed the quest and own one version of the trinket. The vendor just lets you exchange your trinket for the dps/heal/tank version since the quest is non-repeatable.

So you can buy gear (not just gear, but true best in slot gear) for gold in-game?

Sounds like a GDKP to me

No, you can pay to exchange a quest reward for a different quest reward

I said IF but Blizz wont do these things. Not on this iteration of SOD at least.

So you spend gold to buy gear, is that correct?

I agree - personally I would like the option to be able to use my wife’s boyfriend’s credit card info for each quest or… if it wasn’t too much trouble, to be able to use their card or my uncle’s card at the class trainer to just buy levels. That way I can just skip the wasted time. Also we can do this in raids and just have a vendor at the start - technically that’s not gdkp its more like credit card dkp

No, that is incorrect. You cannot just spend gold to buy gear.

that’s a good idea, blizzard should also in the level boost that they have in retail and wotlk in addition to raid finder.

so, let me get this straight, ok? just want to make sure i’m understanding the situation properly, yes?

so, there is a vendor that carries items you can purchase for gold, right?

the items on this vendor are trinkets, yes?

and trinkets are a form of gear in WoW, correct?

so if there is a vendor who sells trinkets for gold, then you can buy gear in the game, yes?

not correct. thanks for your input, though. have a lovely day, friend :slight_smile:

Now we’re on the same page and - none of this is gdkp